Time... finding it, losing it, wasting it...

My goodness, how time has flown by. Seriously. GoodNESS! Time is so hard for me to come by these days! I've struggled with finding time before, and have managed, but it seems that this time it is by far more difficult. 

I have managed to find time to create. Little snippets here and there mind you. I've been busy creating my contributions for swaps at this (I'll share photos soon!), and working on deadlines with friends for this and this. It's been a difficult challenge balancing everything out, and I must admit that I've not found a pleasant balance. 

I've not had time to clean out and organize my studio. In fact, I'm seriously considering hiring someone to do it for me.  I want to create and enjoy my creative space, but unless the above is done, I spend more time looking for what I have rather than creating. Anyone in the area have any referrals? :)

There are so many things I ought to be doing rather than creating. Often times I when I do manage to find time, I use it for things other than creating. Creating, however, is what makes me happy. Yes, the two men in my life make me incredibly happy too (over the moon happy to be more clear) and so I do not create when they are available for me to be happy with. Generally, one is in bed - the little. The other is off at work - the big.

This is in no way to lead anyone to believe that I do not find cleaning my house to make me happy. I do not enjoy cleaning. However, I do enjoy having a clean home. Finding time to clean (or do laundry, etc) is not something I tend to aspire to find... it's something I simply must do (when I do clean that is). Having a clean or tidy home is incredibly important to feeling able to create. 

Anywho... I have had a delightful time, when I have managed to find time to create and play in my studio. Recently for fun, I've been working on my contributions for swaps which has been such fun. Also, for work (or for my "fun" work), I've been creating for two projects that I was invited to participate in. How I've enjoyed working with some of my crafting industry friends again. They've inspired me in ways I didn't anticipate or imagine. I cannot wait to see the fruits of our labors. 

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Rebekah said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by today :) The shoes were from Land's End a couple years ago.

I've found organizing is something that is gradually learned and then maintained. Some are gifted with it, but most have to be disciplined about it. I've tried to find some good systems that work, then keep them that way after each project (or two or three, lol) - then I also become more easily inspired when my space is clear. There is also a sense of accomplishment that comes from getting it organized!

Your Fred is adorable :)