Non-Consumerism: Days 6 - 14

Okay, I'll admit it... I haven't been as diligent at being a non-consumer, as I could have been over the last week or so. It's SO hard to do when traveling, especially when you see something you just don't have at home. 

And then, of course... was Easter. There are entirely TOO many yummy tempting treats to purchase over holidays. I did well, but not as well as I could have done.

I'm hopping back onto the Non-Consumer wagon. I know I can so do this. I know I can clear things out that we're not using and that we don't need. I know that there are others out there that may truly need the things we don't. I know I can handle cooking dinner, or tag teaming with Steve, instead of going out (haven't broken this goal yet). I know I can handle not going out to lunch (haven't broken that one either) and I also know I can handle not purchasing clothes, movies, craft supplies, or other physical items we don't need. I have more than I need, and more than I can possibly use. 

Besides... maybe all this non-consumerism will help me be more creative, help me create more, and maybe even save a few bucks to cut loose and spend at Silver Bella!

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