Where oh Where?

Oh my stars and bananas! It has been forever since I updated this blog! Shame on me!

Where oh where have I been? When I think back at what I've been doing since my last post - it's overwhelming! So much going on and yet, not so much has been going on. I'll try and summarize what we've been up to.

We traveled to McAllen, TX to introduce Fred-let to his Grandpa Beste, and Uncle Scott. He also got to meet his Aunt Bekki and her family (including all 4 of her children). We drove to South Padre Island a few times and enjoyed the coast. So relaxing!

We also traveled to California so that Steve could introduce Fred-let to Grandpa Russ, Grandma Jill and all of his Great-Grandparents (Fredric, Joyce, Charlie, and Muriel).

I started back to work on February 18th. Booo!

I also got sick the same week. Finally, round two of antibotics kicked the ick's hiney two weeks later and I got better. Of course, just in time for everyone else at our house to get sick.

I held my first combined Basic and Advanced Soldering class last week. It was fantastic and from what I've heard my students had a great time too. I think I'll be adding this style of workshop/class to my regular calendar in the very near future!

See, I was right! It sounds like so little, but really I've been going crazy busy for ages. I'm working on simplifying our home.

I'm not an "Opraphile" though I record her shows (thank you DVR!) and watch them on occasion. However, a few weeks ago she did a show on learning what we could live without. I wrote out two pages of notes, which is SOOOO not me. Seriously. I watch and it all goes in one ear and out the other. Except for this particular show.

I came to many, many realizations. One of which is that somewhere along the road, I started believing that if you have more, you're better or are doing better. I know, its crazy, but it's true. For years I've bought loads of craft supplies and other items because somehow I was thinking that if I had it all, I'd create better. In reality, all it does is stump my creativity because there are entirely too many options. If I can find them, that is.

You see, in addition to the above realization, I realized something else that shocked the heck out of me. I buy things. And, then I buy things to organize the things I just bought... and I don't even need or use the things I bought in the first place. WHAT THE HECK am I doing? Seriously! I'm tossing money into stuff I don't need, or will ever use.

So, I'm in a deep cleaning, simplifying mode. I've been thinking about how I have things I like, but never use. Or how I have frames on my walls with the default filllers and photos in them (you know, like as they come from the store). I have bags and boxes of craft product stuck and stashed in closets, cabinets, and rooms that I've never touched. What's even more crazy to me, is when I decide to go through some of it, I don't know why i bought it, I have multiples of it, or I realize I will more than likely never use it again.

Of course, with all of this thinking comes the brilliant idea to have a garage sale. But, in all reality, most of it will sit in boxes waiting for me to have time to organize it and a garage sale. So, I've come to the decision that I'm going to just donate it. Maybe if I see how much money I'm tossing away, instead of trying to recoup it, I'll be more wary and judicious with my purchases.

I'd like to think that I will be anyway. We'll see how it goes.

I have lots of creative things I'd like to be working on, but I want to get the house cleaned out and simplified first. Lots of my friends are traveling to California to attend one of Kim's amazing events. So very jealous.

Silver Bella registration is coming up next month. I SO desperately want to go. However, the priority of expenses have changed now that Fred has joined our family and we begin discussing the timing/scheduling of possibly having another one (I can't believe I just admitted that! He's only 3 months old for goodness sake!). I'm doing everything I can (including simplifying and cutting back on crafty expenses) so that the funds are there and I'm able to register with my Bella friends.

I'll work harder to keep this blog updated. I'm going to be helping my crafty partner in crime, Heather B., this weekend with one of her incredible endeavors. And, am so very glad to be doing something for someone who is there for me... always! We'll take photos and share our crafty fun with you!


Jennifer Paganelli said...

I hear you Heather I am really working hard at thinning out and simplifying...

happyhome43 said...

Just remember where you are going in April...your 2 favorite students are always looking for new ideas and "stuff". I love you and can't wait to see you and our new baby!

Alisa Noble said...

I hear you on the simplifying. I'm feel like I'm constantly going through closets and cupboards, sifting through things and paring down.

Kim Caldwell said...

Hey cutie. . . Hope to see you at SB. I totally understand where you are coming from -- I think in these times we are all trying to simplify, cut back and reprioritize but we just have to make some time for ourselves, yes? Especially Mommies of wee ones. Anytime you want to come to Cali just say the word!!

Hugs, Kim

Jen Grant said...

Good for you for realizing what really matters! I recently did this after filling up a 3k sq. ft house in just less than 3 years!!! UGH! i was suffocating myself with STUFF!

For me, I decided to spend a full year without buying brand new items---with a few exceptions of course (ie: underwear, must have craft supplies for gift making only and food/cleaners etc).

All in all, I'm on month number 5 and doing really well! Appliances and sheets etc love coming home with me from Goodwill, my dusty craft supplies are happy i'm finally using them and even my kids are getting the bug when they chose to buy new xbox controllers from Craigslist instead of Best Buy!!

Good for you girl! I'm cheering for you!

Cindy said...

For me, seems like I always HAVE to have the new thing (paper wise anyway) and then I end up stashing it and not using it at all. And half my vintage stuff is stuffed in the closet. I know, I need to do the same...perhaps you have inspired me to do so. And all you lucky gals going to these cool things. I'm green! :D