Finding time to Create...

While I was in the hospital having the baby, I checked my email via my phone and accepted an invitation to join in a creative swap. I don't recall exactly when I responded, but Joanna tells me it was RIGHT after I had the baby. It could be... drugs are a wonderful thing. The swap was for an ATC Valentine Swap that would be bound into a book. 

I started thinking about what I wanted to make as my contribution to our book, and had a few ideas.  Of course, after having the baby, finding time was almost impossible. But, after weeks of little bits of time here and there, I finished my pages.  

I met up with our hostess one day during lunch to deliver my pages and chat. 

I haven't seen and touched the end result yet (as I'm visiting with my family in South Texas), but the other participants have started to share the book on their blogs. So fortunately for me I've gotten to view and love the photos of our collaboration. I can't wait to see it for myself!

Since having Fred, I've started to realize what a challenge it can be to find time to create.  There are always pressing items that I should be seeing to, or our new darling baby to tend to. How do you manage to find time to enjoy your artistic time?


Anonymous said...

Love your little page in our book! I just love the book too, it is so cool! Big hugs to you and your little one. And you are on the right just have to grab little chunks of time here and there. : )

Unknown said...

Any time I want to create I, well, I go to your house ;o)Seriously though, when he naps and after you are not always so tired (it will get better!!) I am sooooo trying to make one of your classes but we might be adopting again and things are getting a little nuts!!
Big hugs!!

AS said...

Since having a baby, it's not as easy as it was before to just do whatever and whenever I wanted. So I really make an effort to go to crops away from my house b'c that's how I get stuff done. I go to my church's crop once a month and also other crops through my meetup sites. That's the only way it's worked for me!