Updates and Etsy

Over the last two days we've met with the OBGYN and sonographer. Somehow I managed to lose 7 pounds since my appointment last Wednesday. Wierd. All is okay though and the bean is growing like a weed. If his thigh measurements are an accurate indication, we will have a very long kidlet. The doc is working to schedule 12/17 as his birthdate. We'll see how that goes. Personally, i'm praying for my water to break (and i'm so sorry to anyone I'm with when/if it happens). I'm so ready to not be pregnant and to meet this little guy!

I have been working on a few things to list in my etsy store. I'm hoping to have them listed by Thursday or so. I was able to find a few more crowns to turn into charms - and just in time for Christmas too!


the glitzy gypsy said...

Hi Heather--
I just found your blog through someone from Silver Bella! How exciting that you are having a little one! Today is my best friend's birthday--can't wait to send her a crown!
brenda bliss

Julia said...

Heather......I rec'd my Silver Bella charm in the mail today...it's beautiful! I can't believe you pulled all of this together while pregnant. You are an energy machine. Best wishes to you for a safe and quick delivery of "bean".....I'll be checking back often to see if he's arrived!
xoxo, Silver Bella Julia Hackney

Krista said...

I bet you're losing weight because of all the exercise you're getting carrying around the long legged bitsy.