After 35 years... still Lovebirds

Today is my parents 35th wedding anniversary! WOW... GO THEM! In today's society, it's a rare occurance to come across a couple who has been married for 10-20 years, let alone 35!

My parents have always set the best(e) example for all of their children in regards to how to be married, (mostly) happy, and successful in a relationship.

I say mostly happy because, no relationship is 100% perfect and no one is perfect, so I'm absolutely positive there were times they were frustrated, angry, upset, and irritated with each other. However, they've always been respectful of each other, and have never been negative about each other to us - their children.

Amazing! Yes they are! And as I've often said, they are the awesome-est parents I could have ever have been blessed to have! They ROCK! Though I was the "black sheep" of our family for years because of choices I made and the different paths I've chosen in life they've never stopped loving me and being there for me. I've always danced to a different tune (i.e. wasn't into the same style of clothes my mother was, or into doing things the way that my parents would have preferred them being done). They've accepted me for who I am and for how I like to do things.

In the end, it's funny to realize I am more like my parents than I ever thought I would be. I love to cook (and be domestic) exactly like my mother, I love to read books about and help people like my father. I have a business mind like both of my parents, and often am thinking about "why" people do things, rather than just acceping people's actions for what they are - mostly just actions. My parents accept people for who they are - not for who they could or should be (well, for the most part - KWIM?)

I hope that my marraige will be as succcessful as my parents, and that our family will be as happy and accepting as my parents are.

Congratulations Mom and Dad! May you have the Best(e) coming years ever!

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Charlene said...

Heather you have been on my mind! Glad you are doing well. And congrats on your parents annv. You are right... it's not easy but so worth it when a marriage lasts. Larry & I have been together for 38 years! I had to order a Weller soldering iron. That Simply Swank one was making me crazy. OK I was already crazy but, it was pushing me over the edge. I miss the soldering girls get togethers. Enjoy your time nesting. And isn't it funny... my youngest sons BDay is the 17th too. Happy Holidays.