Trade Days at TMS (Texas Motor Speedway)

In case you didn't know (I didn't, and I live about 2 miles from it), they've started having Trade Days at Texas Motor Speedway each month.  Heather and I popped over to check it out and to see how the first weekend went over.  This was the first weekend of the event, and there were quite a few things to look at. We met a few fellow etsy sellers (Addicted - check them out!) and a few others who had some neat handcrafted items. 

The whole fair seemed small, but those we talked to said they had a LOT of activity, and that they were pleased with the overall result.

Heather has been participating in craft fairs lately, and has been having a lot of success. It was good to go and check out Trade Days and see if there was something there that could help her grow her business. I can't say if she'll be there for sure, but I think you probably will. Who knows, maybe we'll even do it together (after the Bean arrives of course!).


Anonymous said...

I had heard there was a trade days starting at TMS! I'll have to go check it out and please do give me a shout if you go! Would love to tag along.

Anonymous said...

I went this last week in Feb 2009 and had a blast. Somebody should have thought of this along time ago. I have no need to go to Canton now as they have the same vendors. Thank you, Thank you!