It's raining Baby Showers!

My sweet and wonderful friend Cara threw me a bean baby shower over the weekend. Mom and Bekki came into town with sweet baby Addison to celebrate with us. We had a great time visiting and looking at little tiny baby things - and lots of not so little baby things too. (In case I haven't shared, I'm having a 10 pounder - if they take him 2 weeks early. woooooonderful. OR should that be moooooooooo-underful???).  Anywho, the shower was awesome with some of the sweetest friends in attendance! One of my Silver Bella friends even joined us (Thank you Shannon!). My bestest friend Heather came and took lots of photos and I'll be sure to share them in an album later. We received lots of wonderful gifts which we definitely needed! Steve and I are both so grateful for everyone's generosity! 

However, the weekend did not end so fabulously. I had started to experience a lot of back pain on Saturday but put it aside because of baby weight and my body shifting. Sunday afternoon, out of absolutely no-where, I started having belly pain but across the top of my belly - and mostly on the left side. I tried to lay low, but who wants to lay low when your family is in town and with the cutest baby to boot? Long story short, there was nothing that could be done to appease the pain or calm it. So, I called the OB on Monday saw him that afternoon and am now on house arrest/keep it really easy rest until Wednesday afternoon when I go back to the OB for another check in. If he gives the okay then I'm back to work on Thursday. Nice... I have a pertinatologist appointment Tuesday to have everything checked out as my OB can't find a thing wrong other than the pain. I take a LOT of iron because of my anemia, and because of the side effects (blockage) of taking it, they think I may have a colon infection or something (which would explain the upper left belly pain as that's where my colon is currently located). Ick and double EWW.... Seriously. SO disgusting. As I've told my friends, there are things I never in a zillion years thought I would be sharing and that is one of them.   

The baby is fine and growing at warp speeds. I've yet to put on weight anywhere but my belly, thighs and hips. Nice.... as if my ghetto booty needed any help. NOT... Mom took a few photos to show Dad and her friends. I'll share them later... maybe. :)

I'm full on mode into Silver Bella and so cannot wait until our plane lands in Omaha next week. Hopefully this house arrest thing won't put a damper on anything and I'll still have the okay to fly. My swaps are packaged up and ready to go... my supplies are 90% organized. My attire has been selected, although what fits Tuesday night may change what I take. Valita is coming over to stay that night and we'll head over to the airport together Wednesday morning. We're going to meet up with my Dallas Bella friends (Joanna, Alicia, and Shannon) and fly together. We'll meet up with lots of our Bella friends later that day, and the rest of the group the following day. I so can't wait! It's going to be a Bella Blast!

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