Steve kindly reminded me that I had not posted since being on house arrest. Ugh! I am so sorry!

A really long story short.... I got off! YAY! The pain I've been experiencing is due to the endometriosis I have. Typically it's assumed that it grows around your "woman parts", but can also grow on your internal organs. Mine has chosen to also inhabit my intestines. Lovely. Normally, the treatment method would include a surgery which would remove the adhesions or at least slice them so that things can be where they need to be. 

Since I am pregnant, this method of treatment isn't an option at the moment. The only available option is .... drum roll please.... taking regular doses of Tylenol. 

Isn't that lovely? It's a sad day when you are excited about Tylenol and Tums. Welcome to my world!

I did learn something interesting though. I went to visit the perinatologist to make sure everything was fine and dandy with the bean (which it is), and he measured our son. His current size (or was on Tuesday at 32 weeks, 4 days) is.... 6 pounds... 8 ounces. The normal weight of a fetus at this stage is is 4 pounds. I suppose that means all the "fat" comments are warranted. My ob wasn't kidding though when he said that we'd have a 10 pound baby... if we delivered early. They said he would gain about a pound a week. I have just under 7 weeks left... so that would leave him at 13 pounds 8 ounces. YIKES!!!  Obviously, we don't want him here any earlier than he is ready. I'd really much rather have a huge baby than one with lung development problems. But, I think if we wait much longer, he'll likely walk out of the hospital with us!

Thank you to everyone for your kind and wonderful emails, phone calls, and visits! It was heartwarming to see such an incredible outpouring of love from everyone - and I was only 'stuck' for a few days! 

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Thankful Terri said...

Welcome to pregnancy -- love TUMS -- they will be your new best friend. (And even after the baby is born). I thought I was the only one who had endometriosis that attached to the intestines. I had it removed prior to me getting pregnant and was even told it would be hard to get pregnant because of it.

Congrats on the bean being 32 weeks and glad all is well.. I would take what the "weight" is with a grain of salt. My doctors told me too it would be a 10 lbr at 32 weeks, but I only had a 7 lb 9 oz. She was full term at 40 weeks so hopefully they will be wrong about that. -