Keeping Up....

Gosh! It's been ages since I've updated - and oh how time has flown right by!

Here are the crazy house, we've been spring/summer cleaning like mad! Between garage sales, resale donations, room reorganizing, and me trying to pare down my 'collections'; it's been a whirlwind of action. That is... when I have energy! Who know that this bean would suck so much out of me. In the end, I know it will all be worth it though!

I've added most of my other soldering classes to the side bar over there on the left. I had so many requests for another Basic Soldering class date that we managed to squeeze it in for September. 

The freezer is getting stocked with food for the fall and for our crazy December. Please tell me it's not terribly strange to have meals ready to go so that when the bean arrives my mother and Steve don't feel like they have to cook (or me too!). A few of my coworkers think it's wierd that I'm trying to prepare. My goal is to have at least 10 meals ready to go (well thaw and reheat anyway) so that at least that stress is removed from our first bit of baby time.

My creative space (ie my room, my studio, etc) has recently gone under a bit of rearrangement. Some of the furniture has been delegated to other areas of the house. Some has gone on to new homes. In the end though, I do have (what seems to be) a much larger studio with lots more elbow and creative space. I can't wait to put everything into it's new home, and get going. I have such an itch to create and just not enough time to get it all done. How do you manage to find creative time in your day? Between work (yes, I have cut my hours back a bit and am working to cut back more), and trying (notice I said TRYING not necessarily succeeding) to keep my home clean (tidy works for me most of the time), and spending time with my wonderful husband Steve-o .... it's almost impossible to get any creative time in. Not to mention getting the nursery ready. I still have a dozen or so boxes in there to get taken care of! AAACK!

Thanks for popping in to check on me!


Angie Moses said...

Glad to hear your doing well - and amazed that your getting so much done! You can certainly count on me for a meal when baby arrives!!!

Maija said...

You sound so fabulous! I think it's BRILLIANT you are making some meals ahead of time- those first six weeks are such a wonderful whirlwind!!

Melissa said...

I'm for both blues in the nursery. Tell Steve I'll come over and help:) Also, heads up, Kohls online is having a super sale on maternity clothes. Also, when my mom came to help after Sophia, we put an entire months worth of meals in the freezer so I think you're genius. But don't think you won't get plenty of meals from friends.