Our Dinner Menu - Week of July 27th

WOW! So many questions were emailed to me this week about our 'menu schedule'. I'm pretty sure it's loads easier to just leave a comment - but I'm not going to knock the interaction either way! Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Q. How do you store your "freezer meals"? How long do they keep for? How do you heat/reheat/serve them?

A. One of the greatest investments we've made so far is our Food Saver. You can find them at Wal-Mart, Target, and I'm sure at many other super shopping centers. Before I load food into the bags, I label them with what I'm putting in and the date. I know that there's lots of talk for how long things will last in the freezer - but I haven't paid much attention, and haven't had any problems... yet. My personal rule is that if it's rock hard when it comes out and it looks good in the package (prior to thawing it), why not eat it? On average, I would say that our meals hang out in the freezer for 0-6 months. Roasts and ham bones for much longer. As far as thawing them, I usually put them into the fridge the morning of (as i'm getting ready to leave for work). Reheating varies. Frozen mashed potatoes do not reheat well in the microwave. But, they do in a saucepan on top of the stove over low heat. Rice reheats awesomely in the microwave. Spaghetti sauce and meatballs also do well in the microwave - but they also do very well stovetop.

Q. Will you share the recipes?

A. I will try and work on loading them to my recipe blog. You never know what you'll find over there. :)

Q. What do you do when guests come over? What will you do if we all show up?

A. We have a big group over EVERY Sunday. Steve's brother Thomas comes with his girlfriend, Sarah, and whomever they find who needs to eat a "good homecooked meal". Sometimes we invite some of our friends and their children to come too. Sometimes Steve's sister, Kim, comes too. Growing up, I learned to cook for a large group (rather, there were always lots of mouths to feed). So, it's difficult for me to cook for two people. We definitely have days of leftovers. We also have days where we just can't eat leftovers for another meal. Thus the beauty of the Food Saver! As far as people showing up out of the blue - bring it! That means YOU, Julie B. with no blog! :)

Q. With the cost of living going up, how do you afford all of the groceries you need?

A. Coming...

Onto this week's Menu... We were pretty successful last week. At least one night fell through, bu that's my fault.

Sunday - Beef Taco's & Corn Chile Chowder (at least three dinners into the freezer!)
Monday - Chicken Tikka Masala (from the freezer), sticky white rice & indian flat bread (naan)
Tuesday - Grilled pork chops (freezer), steamed vegi's, seasoned rice
Wednesday - Ravioli (freezer) w/ tomato sauce
Thursday - Swiss steak w/ egg noodles (3 freezer meals accomplished!)
Friday - Mini Pizzas! YUMMY!
Saturday - Breakfast - Breakfast casserole. Dinner - Meatloaf (freezer), baked potatos, honey wheat bread

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