So many creative responses to my last post! I love it... and so did everyone else who read them!

The answer to what's in common between the three images in my last post is this...

For some time (and even more so since being bitten by the soldering bug) I have wanted to take a class from the infamous Sally Jean in Portland, Oregon. A few weeks ago, one of my sweet Bella friends sent a message to share that Sally had scheduled two weekends in 2008 where she would teach small groups of students in her studio. I immediately looked into the possibilities and it didn't seem that I would be able to take advantage of this awesome opportunity due to work and other obligations (more details to come). However, the stars aligned and everything worked out in my favor to be able to attend one of Sally's classes.

The even cooler thing about going to Portland is that I will be able to visit with Sheri, my birth mother (for those of you who don't know, I'm adopted. My birthmother found me about 6 years ago). I don't often get the opportunity to visit with her, but I always enjoy and cherish our time together. Last year my great grandmother, June, moved to Portland to be closer to Sheri and her sister (my aunt) Candy and her husband. A few months later, my grandparents (Linette and Jim) also joined the party in Portland and relocated.

So, when I finally was able to pick one of the two classes I immediately wanted to do which ever was soonest - it's so hard to wait for something exciting you know is coming. So, I did a bit of rescheduling and shifting with my schedule - and somehow it all worked out. I will get to enjoy Sally Jean's brilliant classes in February.

But... back to the three images.

No, that isn't the Queen in the photos. Well, not the Queen of England anyway. She is though, the grand Queen of my biological family and I will be so incredibly thrilled to get to celebrate her 91st birthday while I am in Portland. Yes, that's right... both of these events will occur on the very same weekend. How absolutely fantastically awesome is that? Seriously!

P.S. The third image is of the current Somerset Studio magazine, in which you can read a great article on Sally Jean and her studio!

P.P.S. I am in SERIOUS search of a scrapbooking photographer in the Portland area. I would REALLY love to have journalistic style photos taken with my biological family while we're all together. We've had professional photos done, but really.... I'm a casual kind of girl. If I can find someone in the scrapbooking world, I would be beyond thrilled! If you have any referrals, or recommendations I would SERIOUSLY appreciate it!

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Unknown said...

Heather, I don't know if it's too late for this, but I have a friend in the Portland area (she actually lives in Tualatin) who is a fabulous photographer! Here's her website:

PS--I'm SO envious that you get to take a class from Sally Jean! That's a dream of mine. Hope it's even more wonderful as I imagine it to be! :)