Help! Creative Thoughts Desperately Needed!

I’m doing this craft fair at work in a couple of weeks and I’ve been racking my brain for a good creative name which could apply to lots of different crafts. I’d like to eventually open an etsy store ( so the name would need to work there too. I know you’re all creative individuals and between us all we can come up with something splendid.

I’d like the name to be unusual but not strange. Everything I sell will be handmade and most of it will be custom. I like the idea of Custom Keepsakes by Heather, but it seems too generic. Creative Keepsakes won’t work because it’s a magazine title. Creative Memories is another companies name already. I am completely in love with Paper Bella – but Miz. Teresa Mc”Fabulous”Fayden dreamed up that bit of incredibleness. Treasured Memories and Paper Treasures are also rolling around my head.

To start, my wares will include custom soldered photo charms and ornaments, simple gift tags, and custom mini album creation.

Any ideas to throw my way?


Unknown said...

charming creations? I just saw that "soldered charms" and it caught my charming something! Good luck!!

T. said...

Read this and the word that popped to mind was "divinity". I don't know what you can do with that -- maybe "Bits of Paper Divinity". Then use the initials "BPD".... Good Luck. I nearly blew a few circuits coming up with a practice name.

Sandy Wiley said...

names are so hard to come up with! interesting names i have heard that caught my attention included an adjective with an animal like the freckled frog. i also saw a whimsy name that was fun- whoopsie daisies. sorry no help! ok how about artful memories.

Anonymous said...

How about Princess' Heather's Crafty Creations.

Anonymous said...

how about just "Creative Crafts"


"Inspiring Creations"


"Crafty Mementos"

KathyJ said...

I just read your post and the phrase you used in the first paragraph "something splendid" - I love that for a name. It's different, and general enough that it would work for any art you may do in the future.