Thanks Sophia...

Sophia posted a wonderful MeMe on her blog today. It definitely provided some thought provoking conversations today:

Yourself: Calm
Your partner: Awesome
Your hair: ... is getting done this weekend! Wahooo!
Your mother: incredible beyond words
Your father: strong
Your favorite item: my wedding ring
Your dream last night: I don't remember.
Your favorite drink: It should be ice water with lots of ice, but in honesty it's a Route 44 Diet Coke with extra, extra ice from Sonic.
Your dream car: I really don't have one. I like the CR-V I drive now very much.
Your dream home: One that is complete and not in need of repair or renovation - hopefully it'll be the one we live in... eventually. :)
The room you are in now: My creative studio.
Your fear: not having family - being alone.
Where you want to be in 10 yrs: Still in happily in love, a Mom, on the right track spiritually, happy.
Who you hung out with last night: Myself? Steve left for work at 9:30pm.
You're not:
Wish list items: Big: A weekend getaway with Doug, a new laptop, a new monitor, a new digi SLR camera. Small: a Macintosh Apple candle, diamondique earrings, an organized studio.
Last thing you did: Sonic Run... see above.
What are you wearing: yoga pants and a white Tshirt.
Favorite weather: Spring and fall mornings when it's crisp and cool outside - perfect for a run or brisk walk.
Favorite book: Jane Eyre, my scriptures
Last thing you ate: Rold Gold Honey Wheat Pretzels - Deb got me hooked on them at CHA. They're awesome!
Your life: is not what I expected it to be, but more than I had ever hoped for.
Your mood: Contemplative.
Your best friend: Steve, my mother, Heather B.... I have many very good friends.
What are you thinking about right now: What to pack for my trip? I really should get it done.
Your car: Needs a good wash, wax, and serious detailing.
What are you are doing at this moment: laundry, and waiting for a project to dry
Relationship status: Ooo-la-la, in love and married to my Mr. Right!
What's on TV: I haven't a clue! We still don't have TV in this house (and likely won't at least until the remodeling is done)
Last time you laughed: Several times today at work!

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Jana said...

Oh Lordy Girl, when I read your fave thing is your wedding ring I had MAJOR flashbacks to our temporary nightmare in Omaha when you thought you'd lost it!! Whew, that was a close one!