Speedy Trips

Last weekend was a weekend of speed. Seriously! My parents were in Salt Lake City for a conference so I decided to try to hop on a plane and make it out to visit them and my brother, Robert (he lives in SLC).

Friday night, I went to a fun party with Robert (actually the pre-party to a huge party PARTY called the Courtney Cup). It was loads of fun hanging out with Robs friends. I stayed with him and his roommates all night. One of his roommates also had family in town, so I was up until the wee hours of the morning laughing and talking. Ahhh to be young and in college again.

Saturday morning, a group of us went for breakfast to a classicly classy place you might've heard of... IHOP. LOL! We had loads of fun people watching and sharing various stories about each other. Afterwards, it was HAIR TIME! Wahooo! Of course, when my Texas friends learned I was going to have my hair done in Salt Lake City, they thought I was nuts. They just don't know Darren.

Darren is a hair master! Seriously! He masterfully gave me some extra fabulous highlights and then used his scissors to add texture and dimension to my otherwise bland and boring hair. I SO love my cut and color. I'll fly to SLC to have my hair done by him ANYTIME!

After hairtime, Robert and I met up with my parents at the Olympic Fountain at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake for dinner. We celebrated my father's birthday with tasty food! We had the waitress take a photo of us, but didn't go back and double check the photo. So, this is the only photo we have ... boo hoo!

After dinner, we drove around for a bit (my parents love to drive around ... and around... and around with no where to go. Seriously!) and then we said goodbye to Rob. I went with my parents to visit and stay the night with my Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Ernest and their family. Aunt Carolyn is my most favorite Aunt. I know I shouldn't have a favorite - but I can't help it. She was my babysitter long before she was my aunt (in Illinois before we moved to Germany). She helped me get my first US Drivers License. She also put up with me waving to her neighbors (she is REALLY shy) and doing other silly obnoxious things as only an outgoung social butterfly of a niece can do.

I was also sure to harass and bug my Uncle Ernest. Ladies and Gentleman, THIS is your Weber County Surveyor! Seriously! He really is one HECK of an awesome uncle. He knows how to do all kinds of handy things, and is always ready and willing to lend a hand when needed. I spent quite a few weekends back when I was attending college at his house. He's really is one awesome guy!

Of course, we can't forget Michelle! Michelle is the oldest girl in the this Rowley household. And ladies.. she is SINGLE! So, if you have any hot, uber attractive young men who are active members of the LDS church, over the age of 25, who like mudding (or whatever they call driving around in mud), who are fun to hang out with (and can handle a really sarcastic cousin) and who live in Utah - she could quite possibly be the daughter-in-law of your dreams! She is VERY attractive, and is a LOT of fun - AND she has a good head on her shoulders. Get with me if you have a potential match! (Love you Michelle!)
My Aunt Kathleen traveled to SLC with my parents to visit too. Though we didn't get to talk or visit mugh, it was also good to see her for a bit. After lots of chatting and hanging out we all went to bed. It was only a few hours later on Sunday morning when Mom and Dad dropped me off at the airport. Shortly I was on a flight back to Dallas.
Speedy trips ... they're fun but boy are they exhausting!

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