Virtual Tour of the 2007 CHA-Summer Maya Road Booth

Over the last week, I've had loads my sweet friends ask for photos of the latest releases from Maya Road. I thought it would be fun to take you on a virtual tour (of sorts) of the Maya Road booth - and share my 'spiel' that I gave to Retailers as they came through our booth introducing the new product lines. I'm warning you now - this is not going to be a short post. Maya Road released a LOT of really great and fantastic new products!

Many of these photos are not my own. I found them on various scrapping websites, and on other blogs (mostly Caroline and Deb's). So without any further adu.... I present... my spiel!

Welcome to the Maya Road Booth! My name is Heather. Have you received a copy of our catalog and an order form?

No? Well then let me get one for you!

Sure! I’d be happy to show you our latest releases! Let’s start over here at this end!

We noticed that many consumers prefer to not put traditional chipboard pieces onto their scrapbook pages because of the bulk it adds. With that in mind, we have our new line of Micro Chips and Micro Felts. Both come packaged in a new style of our traditional Maya Road tin – a 3.5” x3.5” square tin. Each tin of Micro Chips has anywhere from 80 to 125 (or more) pieces and comes in 6 different designs; arrows, scallops, motif buttons, hearts, stars, and foundation buttons. Each tin of Micro Felts has anywhere from 75 to 95+ pieces and is available in 3 different designs; Birds, Buttons, and Arrows and Stars. Both the chips and felts come in two color palettes, brights and neutrals. Because of their size and versatility, these items will also be popular with your card and mini album makers. With a suggested retail price between $ 2.75 and $3.00 it’s definitely a great value to your customer.

Over on this display we have another new item for Maya Road – our Sheer Books. As I’m sure you’ve seen or heard sheer and clear is very hot for this show. We’ve released seven new and exciting sheer albums. We have our 5-Ring Tab Book, Crown, Round Scallop, Snowflake, Star, Square Scallop, and Arrow albums. These albums are made with PVC-free high quality plastic and have 8 pages in each book. The retail prices on these albums are incredible; they range from $3.50 to $7.00.

Underneath our Sheer Books is another fun new and exciting item for this show – our Clearly Sheer Ribbons. These ribbons are new to the industry. They are totally clear, stretch, can be tied and to not wrinkle easily. For this show, we released six
different designs: Flowers, arrows, birds, stars, hearts, and snow flakes. Packaged on a spool of $25 yards, the retail price per yard is only about $0.75!

On the next side of this display we have our new additions to the Maya Road Sheers line; the LUXE Stoney Island Alphabet Sheers and Office Sheers.

We partnered with LUXE and created a line of sheers to match their Stoney Island die cut letters. There are a total of 80 pieces of alphabet and related punctuation packaged in our signature 4”x6” Maya Road metal tins. They are available in 3 colors, black, clear, and white and each package retails for $8.00.

The Maya Road Office Sheers come in three new collections; Steno, Memo, and Notes. These sheers are perfect for journaling spots! Write on them with permanent markers and attach them to your projects with staples, wet adhesives, eyelets, brads, your favorite dry Xyron adhesives, or put several together and create a mini sheer album! Each of our Office Sheers tins retail for $ $8.00.

Over on this side of the display we have 16 new Maya Road Chipboard Books! We’ve added a 6” round album, a crown album, a bird album, and three new banner albums to our coaster album family. Each of these albums has 8 pages. All of these albums have a suggested retail price of only $4.00!

We noticed that a lot of consumers were creating banners and other home d├ęcor projects, but wanted to create something more durable. One potential solution to fill their need, are our three new banner albums; triangular (pennant), rectangular, and square. Each of these albums were been designed with rectangle holes punched out to allow for ribbon that won’t bunch and twist while hung or displayed.

We also have two new accordion albums; a small square accordion and a scallop accordion. Both of these albums have 10 pages and come already punched with jump rings attached. The small square accordion album measures 3”x3”, fits into the Maya Road square tin and retails for less than $3.00. The scallop accordion album is 4”x5”, fits into the Maya Road lunch tin and retails at $3.50.

We also have three new styles of binder albums; our House Binder, Modern Purse, and Half Circle Binder Albums. Each of these albums have 8 pages, are pre-punched, and come packaged in the binder rings – ready for your customers to customize. The suggested retail prices on them range from $6.00 to $9.00.

We have one addition to our albums in boxes – the Skinny Box with Cards album. The box measures at 8”x5.25”x2.5” and has an album inside with 8 cards on a chain. The interior cards measure at 2.5”x7”. This album retails at $6.00. I agree – it’s an awesome deal for your customer!

Four new styles of chipboard albums round our new album additions; our 5-Ring Round Tab Book, our Flower Petal Tab Album, our 2-Ring Layer Book, and our Home Ring Album with punched windows. All of these albums are new shapes and sizes for Maya Road . As you can see in these samples, our designers have really showcased their versatility. The 5-Ring Round Tab and the Home Ring albums both have 8 pages. The Flower Petal and 2-Ring Layer books both have 6 pages. The retail prices on these albums range from $3.50 to $5.00.

Over on this next display are our new rub-ons. We listened to the information that our retailers shared and brought out new rub-ons, packaged by the sheet in hanging bags. We have 9 new designs; Border Trim, Flower Me, Border Scrolls, Scrolls, Jonathan (font), Noah (font), The Cubicle, Airmail, and Road Rage. Each sheet is 3.65”x10.875”. As you can see, each sheet is packed with images – our product design team (Deb and Caroline) worked hard to make sure they were priced competively for your customer and that they would receive a great value for their money. Our other rub-on lines continue to be available, packaged in our signature tins.

On the next side of the display are our new ribbons. We added 5 new rich colors to our Crushed Velvet line; Deep Red, Rich Pink, Pumpkin Orange, Camo Green, and Midnight Black. These ribbons are 3/8” wide, are sold in bulk rolls of 25 yards, with a retail cost of $1.20 per yard.
Above our crushed ribbons are our new Maya Road Signature Ribbon cards. Again, we listened to our retailers and packaged a few of our most popular selling ribbons together on cards, in 5 color families; Browns & Creams, Black & White, Pink, Red, & Blue. Each card has a beautiful mix of crushed velvet ribbon, velvet ric rac, stitched grosgrain, grosgrain ric rac and twill. Any of these sets would coordinate beautifully with any project. Each card retails for $6.00.

On the next side of our display is our new die cut Velvet Trims. You may be familiar with our first release of the Blossom Trim. They were so popular that we decided to
add two new designs to the line – Star and Hearts. The Star trim is available in Rich Red, Rich Green, Cocoa Brown, and Deep Blue. The Hearts trim is available in Rich Red, Plush Cream, Cocoa Brown, and Light Pink. My favorite adhesive to use on them is Xyron’s X. This gorgeous ribbon is 1” wide, and is sold in rolls of 10 yards with a retail price of $2.70 per yard.

Underneath the Velvet Trim is our new Scallop Ric Rac. This beautiful ribbon is made from a beautiful shimmery, fine woven grosgrain ribbon which has been stitched to create the scalloped ric rac. It is available in 8 lovely colors; creamy beige, light pink, royal red, burnt orange, pine green, sky blue, chocolate brown, and midnight black and is sold in rolls of 25 yards with a suggested retail price of $1.50 per yard.

On the last side of this display are our new unmounted, non-yellowing clear acrylic stamps. Maya Road released eight new 4”x6” sets, and four new 2.5”x2” sets. These are high quality, photopolymer stamps. Our new 4”x6” stamp designs are: Noah Alphabet, Journaling Notes, Scrolls, Stamp Seals, Defined, Calendar, Make a Date, and Travelogue. All of the Maya Road 4”x6” stamps come packaged in our signature tins which provide an easy and convenient storage solution for your customer. They retail for $15.00 per set.

Our new 2.5”x2” stamps have 3 stamps per package, and come ready to sell in hang tag bags. The designs available are: Message, Prescription, Name, and Postcard. The retail price for these beauties is approximately $5.

We’re nearing the end of the Maya Road booth, which means we’re almost done with our new product releases.

On this last display, we have the new additions to our Chipboard Line. We released 5 new designs, all of which come packaged in our signature lunch tin. Our new designs are: Birds (3 different birds with wings and two different branches), Crowns (6 different designs and sizes), Scalloped Frames (15 styles with inserts), Scroll Frames (18 styles, 48 frames and their centers), Arrows (18 styles in two different sizes), and Snowflakes (9 styles in two different sizes). I’m sure you’ll agree that your customer will love these – especially with a retail price of only $8.00!

Finally, the last new and exciting item we released for this show is our Chipboard Keychains. We have 5 themes; Travel, Birds, People, Fashionista, and Baby. Each keychain has 4 pieces of 2” to 3.5” shaped chipboard and an oval embossed logo piece. These themed chipboard keychains are sold in bulk packs of 50 – that’s 50 complete keychains with 4 pieces each. Because of their low price point, there are many ways that they can help you grow your business. Use them for make and takes, give-aways, or even at your register as an impulse purchase. These adorable keychains retail at less than $0.75 each – what a deal!

Well, we're at the end of the Maya Road booth. Our new products will begin shipping the end of September. We ship orders out in the order we receive them. This means, the first order to us, is the first order we ship. We value you as our customer, and feel that it’s the best way to support and be fair to you. We’ll be here until Sunday to answer any questions or to take your order.

Thanks for visiting with me and have a great day!

So, tell me - what's your favorite item in the latest Maya Road release? I know what I think is fantastic about it , but I'm interested in hearing what you think is fantastic. I have a fun little prize package with a variety of selected new Maya Road releases that I'll randomly give to someone who posts a comment (through Sunday) with their favorite new item. The winner will be posted sometime next week - so be sure your entries are in before ... oh say noon. Check out the Maya Road Summer Catalog for a complete listing of the new products.

Soon I'll share my creative thoughts and ideas for many of the new products. I think some of the new products coordinate PERFECTLY with other manufacturer products and I'll share that information too. Some of them will have photos, some of them won't. Many of the photos will likely be of the incredible projects my fellow Maya Road Design Team members created. Their projects were amazing and inspired me to bust a move home and play in my studio!


Anonymous said...

O.M.G. I was already stalking C and D and the DT blogs for all this new stuff. LOVE everything! I've looked at the catalog a dozen times and JUST noticed the triangle banner- so cool! I'll be buying myself a healthy collection as soon as it starts showing up in stores (do you know when that will be by the way?) but I MUST HAVE the scalloped chipboard frames. LOVE THEM. Can I just come over and touch some of the yummies?? LOL

Anonymous said...

oops! PS That was me!!

Christy O

mE said...

HOLY CRAP Chica!!! I am soooo jealous! I soooo love Maya Road products and have applied to be a retailer for them. I have a nifty little "catalog" with their pre-CHA Summer offerings... can't WAIT for the updates!!! Are you going to Memory Trends? B & I are considering going since it's so close to us! I'm definitely planning on CHA Winter next year if all goes well :)

I need to go to bed, but I can promise you .... working is what I won't be doing at the office manana! Gonna read this post in major detail!

Inky Smiles!

Chantel Arnett said...

Well, I haven't seen them in person yet, but the Micro Chips sound fabulous!

SSgtBullsGirl said...

i'm soooo wanting the sheer snowflakes, add a little bling and some.... not gonna share my idea. but i will tell you that a i have charlie brown christmas tree 9 of them set up every year! and i so need a crown sheer for my little princess tucker. thank so much for the down low girlie! great job!
love to you
le anne

Shirley said...

ummm, everything? I especially love the new velvet ribbon and the new chipboard....

Creative Tara said...

Wow... I love it all! I don't know that I can pick a fave, but I really look forward to checking out the micro chips & micro felt tins, they look like great value! I also love the sheers and the new minibooks and.... lots of yummie!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Heather you are a riot!! I love the walk through. Let's see... the thing that I am most jonesing for has to be the people keychains!! Then we have the sheer line!! Oh and the chipboard that you can make banners with... oh heck Heather... all of it!

Thanks for sharing!

mE said...


I need a drooool rag... I just checked everything out... OH MY GOSH... I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the sheers (everything, books, ribbons, elements) WOW! I am digging the thin chipboard, too. I am in so much trouble.. better hide the credit cards!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a ton of new stuff to look forward to! Thanks for the 'tour'! :D For me, the product that immediately caught my attention was the micro chips and felt. A great idea, that is especially helpful in non-spiral/ring bound mini books. Less bulk means less 'splay.' :D

Lilli in Vancouver said...

OK, now seriously. If any one of those items were part of a different collection, I'd be pointing and going "Lookit! Must have now!" I mean, sheer albums and accessories?!! Velvet ribbons and trims?!! GORGEOUS rub-ons?!! Chipboard key chains? Come on! It's all completely spectacular :)

Thanks for inviting us to choose, though!

Anonymous said...

Heather, I loved the micro felts, simply because they had birds. I also liked the clear ribbon (birds also). I love the chipboard albums! I'm just nuts about anything chipboard. What a load of great merchandise. I'm going to have to get the scrapbook store here to start ordering Maya Road! Thanks for the tour! Julie

melissa said...

There are soo many amazing items. I particularly love the chipboard banner and the chipboard crown collection! I cannot wait to see some of those ribbons in person. The velvet trims look amazing.


Anonymous said...

I love the Clearly Sheer Ribbon, How cool is that? and Crown shaped books? Hopefully, one of the scrapbook stores in Nebraska will carry it this year!

Pamela Jane said...

Great stuff, especially the micro chips and felts and the sheer albums!! Can't wait to see IRL.

cupcakestudio said...

Oh wow! THANKS for the virtual tour...everything looks lovely...but I think my favorite are the new colors of crushed velvet ribbons and the die-cut ribbons.

Enjoy your blog! -tami

Anonymous said...

Jeez. What a lot of stuff! Favorites, however, would be the bird and crown books. The sheer items bear study, and all the new ribbons just need to be in my hand.

Michele said...

I don't know that our stores here have such cute items! I am especially loving the chipboard books. And who can beat the price? Too much fun!!!
Michele said...

YOu have some interesting new products there, but I'd have to say that the first ones I'll want to try are the crushed velvet ribbons. Can't you just picture Christmas cards decked out in crushed velvet??

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Oooooooh.... I definitely have a thing for ribbons! They all look amazing! Especially the scalloped ric rac!!! The keychains sound really cute too!

Anonymous said...

Love the birds!!!

Valita said...

Everyhting is awesome! I think I would love to try the chipboard and the velvet ribbons! Thanks for the cool view of insight into everything,

Anonymous said...

this new stuff is completely a little bit fabulous!!!
i can't wait ti get a hold of some of the see-thru albums and the sheer ribbons and velvets look soo good to eat!