Moving Right Along...

Wow… It’s been crazy busy lately. Seriously.

The Marshall Creek house will be on the market Thursday. Hallelujah. SERIOUSLY! I’ve been so frustrated about it. We’re putting money into it, only to sell it. It looks SO good. It wasn’t a bad house to begin with, but since we’re basically competing against brand new homes, we needed to do everything we could to make our house show in its very best light. We decided to follow our agent’s Decorators advice (she works for our agent) and paint 90% of the interior, lay all new carpet, change out the bathroom mirrors for framed mirrors, change out the kitchen table light for a new more modern one, power wash the fence, lay some new sod where Spinner dug up the grass, and a bunch of other landscaping stuff.

Seriously, if our house doesn’t sell I’ll be heartbroken. It looks SO nice and new. Seriously.

Onto the Pine Ridge house…. We had a sprinkler system installed last Monday. The installers accidently cut the phone and cable cables. Isn’t that lovely? It took exactly a week to get it fixed. I’m addicted to the internet. Seriously.

I can hear my mother now…Duh, Heather. We already knew you were. It’s about time you figured it out.

Doesn’t everyone have certain patterns they follow each morning? For me, it’s something like this:

- Alarm clock goes off. Hit Snooze.
- Alarm clock goes off again. Hit Snooze.
- Alarm clock goes off for the third time, and I mosy my bum out of it’s comfort zone.
- I do my potty thing.
- And then I check my email.

Doesn’t everyone? When I come home from work, it’s one of the first things I do… check my email.

Not having access to email at work, or at home has been quite irritating. I rely on the ‘net for entirely way too much.

I’d like to say I got a lot more accomplished, but I didn’t. Rather not at the PR house. We were entirely too busy at the MC house to do anything (or have ANY energy to do anything) at the PR house – except for sleep.

I did manage to get my fair share of sleep lately though. I came down with the spring fever ick… no, not the good kind. I was sick to my stomach with the spring flu over the past weekend. It wasn’t ANY fun. It was quite hellacious. But, in the end it was liveable.

I am so looking forward to spending the time finishing putting my studio together. It’s mostly done, but the tail end of putting things away has yet to be accomplished. It’s going to be fantastic though. I’m dying to just spend some time in it creating. I’ve been doing a bit of creating here and there, but nothing intense or involved. This coming weekend will be MY time – and I can’t wait!!!

I have a huge long post in my mind about Mother's Day, but alas it'll have to wait. But, a huge and energetic "Happy Mother's Day" to all of my friends out there - prospective, waiting, current, birth, first, adoptive ALL mothers!


Krista said...

PICTURES! YOU MUST POST PICTURES! Yeah, I know! I just wrote that all in caps! I MEANT TO! GET SOME FRICKIN' PICTURES! That is all ;)

Amy Pennington said...

oh totally relate to the is almost as bad as food! I mean first thing when I walk in the door from anywhere...straight to days it's straight to the web...if only weight watchers gave activity points for surfing the net!

Kristy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new studio ... and your new pantry, surely! :)