I don't get it...

Why is it that when I'm trying to watch my caloric intake, I want to eat more than I would on any other day?

I'm trying to accurately track everything I ingest or consume. On a normal day, I think I eat close to 1300 calories. Seriously. Now that I'm writing everything down - I'm eating close to 2000 calories! OH MY GOODNESS! I think it's because I'm being mindful to write it down, so of course - I'm thinking about it a whole lot more. I've snacked more in the last two day than I have in at least a week. Seriously! Who eats Cheeto's for breakfast? Granted, i'm not eating the whole 2 ounce bag - but the point remains. What the heck is the dealio? I just don't get it!

I think I'm going to go back to my "no writing down" plan. It was working well, and I had tasty low calorie snacks at work to munch on. I still have them here, but they SO don't sound tasty.



Amy Pennington said...

I completely know what you are talking about....going throught the same troubles.

Anonymous said...

It must be environmental. I had a Pepsi for breakfast and snacked on some Cheetos about 10. However, I did manage to pick up a sandwich for lunch for me and your dad. Hope you did the same. Love you Sweetpea.