They say it's my Birthday....

I always think of this Beatles song when I hear someone say "I hear it's your birthday!" It always cracks me up for some reason too!

No, it's not my birthday, but it is coming up this weekend. My coworkers went all out for me this year - and it's been such fun! My desk is decorated with balloons, banners, and is loaded with tasty treats sure to destroy anyone's New Years resolution to avoid sweets or baked goods.
They took me to lunch at Anamia's - a local Tex Mex restaurant in Southlake. (Though we won't be going again for office birthdays. They stopped taking reservations and won't let us do call ahead seating. Bummer for everyone. Them because they're going to lose our business. Bummer for us because they make the best table side guacamole I've ever had).
They also did something totally new to me. They call it a "Money Train/Badge". When I walked in this morning, they asked where my money train was. I, being totally clueless to what they were talking about, had the deer in headlights look going on. They started to explain it to me, and this is what I understand of it. Basically, before you leave the house your spouse pins a large bill $50 or $100 onto your shirt (jacket or sweater). Then, as the day goes on your coworkers, friends, family and/or strangers from off of the street see the money and add to it. My first thought? Seriously???? They assured me that is how it works. Seriously. It's strange to accept all of these bills (and checks! SERIOUSLY!) from everyone. I have quite the little badge going on and it's funner than I thought it would be!
Since Sunday is my actual birthday anniversary (and yes, I'm still 29! We're celebrating the 3rd anniversary of my 29th birthday!), we'll probably do most of the celebrating tonight (Steve doesn't have to work) or on Monday (I don't have to work!).
I get to go and hang out with a few of my favorite papercrafting gals at our favorite scrapping place (newly named the Scrapbook Pad) on Saturday night. Before hand though, I'll get to spend a bit of girly pampering time with my favorite local friend, Heather, getting pedicures (though I think I'm going to spoil myself and get a manicure too).
In other news...
Steve and I have gotten serious about selling our house. I love our house (well, mostly). We're in a high traffic street though (1,200 - 1,500 cars a day). A lot of new development is getting ready to start happening on our road (they expect upwards of 3,500 - 4,500 cars a day on our street). It took me close to 15 minutes just to back out of my driveway to leave for work - and construction hasn't even started yet. So, I've started to agree with what Steve's been trying to say all along - there's going to be just to much traffic.
We've found a few houses we're intersted in looking at (all still in Roanoke) and we meet with the Realtor tonight to talk about our house, what we should do to it to get it into the best position for selling, and about what we want in our next home.
Steve's finally caught on that we'll need to get a small storage unit to load stuff in to while we're showing our house. We don't have a lot of stuff IMO (in my opinion), but the spare room closet is full, and my studio is also very full (but ORGANIZED!!!). They're both great rooms and need to be shown in the best possible light - so a storage unit it is.
It's scary, but exciting all at the same time!


Shirley said...

Happy birthday!

Heather said...

Congrats on making the decision! Wish we could sell ours!! Ugh! Happy anniversary, and see you tomorrow for pedi's! :o)

Mary said...

happy birthday, and good luck with the house sale! i will likely be going thru that this spring too!

Kara said...

hey girl!!

mine was on thursday. didn't know that we were SO close!

Anonymous said...

I'm a day late, but happy birthday, Heather! :)
And.. um... I like that anniversary thinking. ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it was wonderful!

Jill said...

OK...hope my name lights up now! Again!!! Happy Birthday! Hope you celebrated in style!