PSA: Check Your Pantry

Well, it's true. I was sick again. I had strep throat. Canyoubelieveit? [read that in a New Jersey accent/ Tony Soprano kind of voice] I declare, 2007 should be smooth sailing for me from here on out! I've had so many health/sick issues lately I deserve a break from myself.

Alrighty then though, onto my PSA (Public Service Announcement): Check your pantry! You might be shocked at what's in there beyond it's expiration or "best if used by" date. I know I was. My garbage men probably aren't going to be happy with me when they come next. Both of our cans weigh just short of a ton.

I don't remember what started my pantry check up, but it's amazing what I found. Seriously. I am a pantry person. I like having plenty of food in there. It's not just for emergencies (although it is a GREAT thing to have stocked pantry for), it's there so that I don't have to stress about what to cook for dinner. I know that I always have the ingredients I need available for some of my quick, never fail meals in my pantry. Not so anymore.

From canned foods (that I know I recently purchased - as in less than a month ago), to Steve's bachelor stash purchases (ewww... wonder why we never ate them... not), to cereals, jams, salad dressings, cookies, and canned vegetables and fruits. Seriously all across the pantry spectrum - they're all past their happy use date.

On the plus side, since I had to check everything out, I reorganized the pantry. It's never been so organized (and I doubt it ever will be again). Dry goods are safely in their Tupperware containers (I'm a Tupperware addict - it's genetic!). Baskets and sections are labeled,and everything is in it's place. I think Martha might even be impressed. I know my mom's would be!

Speaking of Tupperware, does anyone in the DFW area know of a consultant? The Modular Mates are on sale this month, and I need a few more.

ETA (Edited to Add): 1:48pm - One of the local scrap gals shared a Tupperware Consultants information with me. Tommorrow night Judy Schuldt will be coming over to give me a complimentary pantry planning. I'm looking forward to hearing her suggestions on how I can better organize our pantry. I think it's pretty organized, but any tips are going to be appreciated.

I told her that another area I need help in is organizing all of the lids and containers we use. I have a pretty good system for the lids (small lids in a small plastic pantry drawer, and the medium/large lids go into a large drawer). It's the various bowls, containers, steamers, deviled egg holders, etc, etc, etc that I need help with. They don't stack with each other, and they're everywhere!

I'll take a photo tonight of my pantry so you can see a "before" photo. I'll take another one when it's all finished!

Alrighty, here's the "before" photo. Yes, those hanging things are labels. I'd been trying to think up a convienient way to label everything without the expense of another pricey Container Store visit. Que in Stacey Julian's episode on Clique TV - and a plan is born!


Kristy said...

Yes, I definitely want to see the before & after pics!

I have a pile of six grocery bags that need to go in the pantry (big Costco trip yesterday), but only had time to do the fridge & freezer. You'll motivate me.

Heather said...

Your before photo is already WAY more organized than mine!! lol

Griff said...

As my H said, I would kill to (a) have a pantry that big, and (b)have it be even halfway as neat and organized as yours is.

Jennifer Stewart said...

Ahhh, that looks wonderful!! I do the pantry clean out, too, and it's amazing what you find, huh?

Great job!!