2006 Ambitions.... revisited

A few days ago, I wondered what I thought would happen in the coming year - this time LAST year. So, I went searching for this post, and read it. Isn't it interesting to look back at what you wanted and compare it to what really happpened? I think so.

For starters, man I sure wrote awfully wordy posts loaded with big words - what happened to that part of me? I love learning new words (0ne of the items on my Christmas list this year was a "word of the day" calendar. Santa didn't bring it, so I'll hunt one down for myself). I love finding ways to incorporate them into my regular vocabulary. Given the state of my current vocabulary at times, and the creativity (or lack of) I tend to use I should try to revert to the way I wrote last year!

Here are the ambitions I had, and my reflections on them...
  • I will be ontime to work the majority of the time. (I am chronically late - to everything! Even if I'm out of bed at 4am, I can't make it to work on time. There are way too many funner things that I want to be doing! Well, I did get a new job, but only because of downsizing. My new boss is quite lienient in that she doesn't care what time you get in, as long as you give her at least 8 quality hard working hours. I do need to continue to work on timliness though. It continues to be a struggle for me.
  • I will read at least 50 books this year. (I've read two already, so I guess I'm in good shape there!) I know I managed to read at least 25 books. Mostly mindless reading with no purpose other than to entertain me. I did read at least 75 magazines though - so perhaps they'll balance each other out.
  • I will travel to Fort Smith, Arkansas and to Houston, Texas (and hopefully other places too) to play with my scrapbooking girlfriends - just because. I dind't do ANY of this traveling. How sad! Unfortunately, with my work schedule, they jsut didn't happen. I did, however, manage to make it to California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado at least once.
  • I will keep my house tidy. (I know, with only two of us, how can it possibly not be tidy? Believe me - it's not.) Yay! This one was accomplished! Granted, we hired a housekeeper, but man, she is SO worth it!
  • I will take photography classes at a local community college (I have a pretty good (maybe, it belongs to an ex boyfriend) SLR with lenses and stuff - but absolutely no clue how to use most of it.) Didn't happen. Just didn't have the time. I did manage to take a quickie class from Kristy at Enrichment night, and I did purchase a highly reccomended book on exposures that my friends promised would "change" my photography skills. I guess I should add that one to my reading list!
  • Take guitar lessons (I'd really love to be able to suprise the crap out of my dad and jam with him.) Ditto on the no time. Someday this will be awesome, it just isn't a priority.
  • I will focus on not eating crap, eating (and cooking) healthier meals, and on getting my body into better physical shape (meaning toning, and getting rid of excess skin - so gross! I'm not so focused or worried about losing actual poundage.) Personally, I think this one was accomplished. I did get into better shape (still have a saggy baggy bum though), but we do eat better (when we CHOOSE to), and I did do better in cooking healthier meals. This one will definitely continue on into 2007 though.
  • I will become a coupon queen. I'd LOVE to be able to save some money at the grocery store. We don't spend a whole lot on groceries, but if I can save anything at all, I'd love it! I did quite well with this goal, while I worked at it. Seriously, couponing is WORK. Hard work. I need to pick this habit back up, and get back into the swing. I still have my binder and all of the organizational/planning stuff I created last year so it shouldn't be hard. But, believe it or not, just cutting out the coupons on Wednesdays and Sundays AND getting them sorted/organized is a LOT of work. That doesn't even start to cover the time it takes to do price comparisons, price matching, and sale shopping! YIKES... I almost want to give up before I even start back up. I do know that I did save a considerable amount of money when I did it though (for instance, I walked out of Albertsons with a $40 bill with over $280 worth of groceries).
  • I will travel with my husband to visit our families (this is a HUGE undertaking! We have main family members in California, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Mississippi, and South Texas. That's a lot of family!) We did make it to California (Kim's graduation), New Mexico, Utah (Rowley Reunion), and South Texas. We need to try harder to visit our other family members. I'd LOVE to make it out to Mississippi or Oregon this year!
  • I will watch my spending, and keep my crazy purchases under control. I did watch my spending. And I kept spending. I did much better in some areas than others, but I think I've gotten things under a much more manageable control. We'll let Steve be the judge on this one.
  • I will clear out my extra studio stash, list it on eBay, and will be careful about maintaining a clear creative space. Oh boy did I do this - over and OVER again! I participated in at least half a dozen garage sales, kept my friend Heather in eBay business for a while, and STILL managed to have stuff left over! I'm definitely more thoughtful in my purchases now, and it's paying off!


Kristy said...

You have motivated me to write out my resolutions now. Maybe I can just copy and paste some of yours!

There are good classes available at betterphoto.com. I've taken several there and learned a ton. You need to keep yourself motivated, but it's a great way to fit in your education with a busy schedule!

Jana said...

Hey, you totally forgot about your trip to Nebraska to play with your scrapbooking friends!! See, you DID do some fun traveling in 2006!!