A Little Bit of Christmas Heaven

Since I haven't been able to get any holiday baking done (yet), I went shopping for a few holiday treats to tide us over (yeah... US.... riiiiight...). What did my eyes behold, and NOT at Easter time? Be still my heart.... Cadbury Chocolate Balls! Oh My Stars and Bananas! I was in chocolate heaven! I bought 3 bags, and have forbidden Steve from touching them! (You can normally only find these delectible treasures at Easter, in the shape of an egg. Finding them at Christmas was my own little tasty Christmas miracle!)

AAAND.... if you're a candycane or chocolate lover, you simply must try a bag of the new Hersheys Candy Cane Kisses. WOW..... they are SOOOO yummy! THey're starting to become hard to find (and my area is totally sold out - Mom and Dad are going to try and find some out in NM to tide me over - or get me out of this phase.)
I wish that both of these yummies were made into tiny treats so that I could turn them into incredible cookies - especially those cadbury chocolates! They're SOOOOO melt in your mouth yummy!
With treats like this around, I might never bake again!


Anonymous said...

you can find the Hersheys candy cane kisses, at Walgreens. I bought 2 bags yesterday at Walgreens off I20 and GSW Parkway Grand Prairie... They had probably 2 cases of them.

Anonymous said...

it's seems great things.
gourmande, va!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Anonymous said...

O I have been looking for those Hershey Kisses and haven't had any luck yet! Sure look yummy!!