I can’t believe it! Christmas is almost here – seriously! No, the tree isn’t up. Honestly, I don’t see it going up this year, there is just WAY too much going on in the Ales household. Of course, this is on top of the already crazy busy schedule I’ve been holding up. Yikes – can’t wait for it to all be over!

We’re almost done with our Christmas shopping, and the Christmas menu’s are ready to shop for. Mom and Dad (and Scotty too!) will arrive sometime Friday and will spend the holiday with us (SO looking forward to it!). It’ll be great to have someone to prepare our meals with – and even improve the recipes with!

The house is just about as festive as it is going to get this year. I am going to drag a few more things out of the attic though. I need some bling-y ornaments out – it simply won’t be Christmas without them.

This year, we’re taking some of our friends and neighbors treat bags. Rather than going with cookies and candies, we’re doing a sweet and salty combination. I’m hoping to make big batches of my chex mix (it’s the basic recipe with a few extra ingredients) and batches of my caramel chocolate popcorn (think Harry & David’s Moose Mix! I’m addicted!). We’ll put together packages with bags of each – so everyone will have both!

Be sure to stop by the Maya Road Design Team blog tomorrow! We each created projects to share! There is all kinds of creative festive fun going on!

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Griff said...

Yummy! I love gifts from the kitchen, and am eager to be able to spend the time in the kitchen again to restart my own holiday tradition of fudge, hard candy, pralines, peanut brittle, and various cookies to give out.