Catching Up: a Meme

Some time ago, Sophia had this as a blogging challenge. I started it, but didn't post it. So, it's overdue, but now it's posted. :)

one. I am a... daughter, wife, aunt, niece, coworker, designer, mother, friend, chef, artist, karaoke queen, and so much more!
two. My mother knows me best!
three. I feel... tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed.
four. the most important thing in my life is... my huge, crazy, wild, dramatic families (they aren’t things though)
five. I always carry... my Burts Bees Lip Balm
six. I think people are... generally nice.
seven. I’m at my happiest when I’m... with my family or creating.
eight. on a Monday morning, you can find me at... work.
nine. my favorite food ingredient is ... umm all of them?
ten. my eyes are... unusual.
eleven. my favorite material possession is... my wedding ring.
twelve. to relax, I like to... get a massage.
thirteen. the town I live in is... small!
fourteen. my worst habit is... shopping.
fifteen. my guilty pleasure is... shopping.
sixteen. when I look at someone, the first thing I see is... their smile.
seventeen. I think... self agency is awesome!
eighteen. I can live... without guilt.
nineteen. I wish... I had my family living closer to me.
twenty. my life is ... perfect just for me.

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