Ready or Not.....

I can't believe it's almost here! Silver Bella that is! I'm flying out tommorrow afternoon and will meet up with my pal, Jana, in good old COLD Omaha, Nebraska! I've got my "Naughty or Nice" ATC's ready to share, and the ATC's for the other group are ready to go too... well almost! I'll probably finish them up on the plane or in our hotel room on Thursday night. Is it too vain to put a photo of yourself on your ATC's?

My room is reserved and Beth is set to be my roommate for Friday - Saturday nights.

My supplies are laid out and ready to be packed up. I need to pull an extra suitcase out of the attic... just in case. :) Camera is charged and the memory cards are clear. My Nick & Nora flannel pj's are in the middle of being laundered and my bunny slippers are ready to be worn.

I'm really looking forward to the event. I know that Teresa has put an extraordinary amount of time into planning it, and the other instructors have put a grundle of time into it too! I can't wait to take the classes I was able to register for! I'm planning to purchase the kits for the ones I wasn't able to register for - so I'll be totally bella'd out! Is that even possible?

I always look forward to events such as this with much anticipation. There's something about attending a smaller event, there's a more intimate atmosphere. You're able to get to know the other participants and enjoy their creativity and personalities. There will be glitter and glitz a plenty - more than I'll know what to do with - I'm sure! I know that this weekend will be such fun!

Ready or not... here I come!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have an awesome time! I'm green with envy! :)