Honey.... I'm Home!!

WOW... what a whirlwind of a weekend it was. Pure bliss, delight, pleasure, and more than my fair share of glitter. The weekend was fantastic, with the exception of a grundle of "minor" challenges (does my life EVER go smooothly??), I had a complete blast.

I arrived Thursday and met up with Jana at the airport. Talked with the airline folks, with great hopes that they'd be able to locate a VERY important missing box that had been checked in with luggage. It didn't make the trip - but was to be waiting for us at our hotel the following day. After a short delay, the shuttle to the hotel arrived. Rather than checking out the nightlife, we played it easy; ordered a pizza from Godfathers and watched Grey's Anatomy (surely you didn't think I'd miss that did you??)

Friday morning a little suprise was waiting for me from Mother Nature. Yes, that's right... she sent my dear Aunt two and a half weeks early. What a delightful treat to wake up to.

After we checked out of our hotel (we weren't able to stay at the Hilton the entire weekend), we mozied on over to the Silver Bella hotel, got ourselves checked in, and then we took a much needed (and now required) trip to Target. What a fun trip it was! It was a sparkling new Target, loaded with many things I simply HAD to have. :)

We spent the rest of the afternoon checking out the fun Old Market section of Omaha. What a delight it was. We found a wonderful old shoppe and bumped into the fabulous Bellas; Teresa, Kim, Becky, Carolyn and Pam (Kelly and Cori too!). It was nice to see them prior to the event, and most definitely in their element. The shoppe was packed from basement to ceiling of fun and wonderful antiques. I purchased a few items and I can't wait to put them to creative use.

We returned to the hotel and got ready for the beginning of our grand event. Maija, Jana's most AWESOME and fun roommate joined us and we had a GREAT time. She is a doll!

After checking in to Silver Bella, we entered a room full of glittery and girly bliss. Each table was adorned with the coolest sparkly snowflakes, and plates filled with gorgeous glass glitter. At each seat was a pink cake box filled with the supplies we would need to complete our project for the night - a bella garland. Mine isn't finished (I didn't want to put it together and then figure out how to transport it safely on the plane). The one here is Teresa's sample one (image is from her blog).

After our class, it was time for the Bella Boutique. Oh boy! Oh boy! I managed to spend an indecent amount of money (well compared to what I had planned to spend anyway). There were treats for every fancy, and sussies to fit every princess. There was SO much talent and skill in each piece that each artist had brought to sell. It's a shame I wasn't able to buy more - there were three booths that I wanted to shop at, but alas I was out of money. :(

One of the things I was most looking forward to at Silver Bella was getting to meet some of my online friends, and to enjoy their creativity. The fabulous Cari Kraft (can you believe it - love her last name - it fits her PERFECTLY!!) was #1 on my list of artists to meet. This woman ooozes creativity - and coolness. Her Bella Boutique table was loaded with items you could special order (and boy will I be!!)

After calling it a night, I rested for a few hours so that I'd be bright and perky for the next morning. Classes were set to start at the un-bella hour of 8am - but I managed! :)

My first class of the day was with the incredible Pam Garrison - "Two Turtle Doves". Now, this is a woman who I could watch for hours and NEVER be bored. She's amazing. This class was for a gorgeous holiday banner. Mine is in the process of being recreated - my birds died a slow death in my luggage (I thought I packaged them safely enough - with tissue paper even. But alas, the wings were amputated... how sad!) I'll share photos when I have it done.

My next class was with Miz Foof herself, Teresa McFayden - "Christmas Card Stashaway". This was a cool creative project - and honestly mine is almost 100% complete. I have a few things to do to it to make it mine, but it will be ready to share sometime this weekend.

After the second class, we broke for lunch to enjoy delightful box lunches.

My third class was again with Pam Garrison - "And the Stockings Were Hung". VERY VERY VERY fun and cool project. I loved seeing everyone's creativity in their stocking (or banner as Amanda created). I can't wait to finish up mine and share it with you! I have a feelign that I'll be making several of them for the holidays this year!

My fourth class was also... again... with Teresa - "Crown of the Town". However, I was definitely feeling under the weather at this point and chose to take a nap. I managed to make it back down to the classroom though and enjoy everyone's crowns. Cori made an especially awesome one! I picked up the kit, and will share mine with you all when it's done.

We broke for dinner at this point, and I enjoyed myself with Maija and Jana in the Lobby of our hotel. The wait was too long

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