Fun Times.... Fun Weekend!

I must admit, overall this weekend was full of lackadaisical bliss.

Friday night, Steve and I went to dinner (Fuddruckers) and a movie (You, Me, & Dupree) and let Kimberlee and a friend (female) come along. It was funny to listen to them talk in the backseat as they chatted about work drama (oh to be 18 again), about fashion and celebrities. So funny!

Saturday, I spent a fair bit of time in my studio poking around, fondling, clearing out (for Heather’s eBay shoppe), and tidying. All of the laundry got washed (and folded, AND put away - that's a feat for me. I'm the queen of just folding it and then later digging it out of the laundry basket!). I took a jaunt over to a cute little shop in Keller called “Sage House” (it's on 377 for those of you in my area). It’s a cute little home packed laden with antiques and other fun items for your creative imagination. While I was there to locate the perfect window pane to hang above my shelving unit, I found a grundle of other fun items to add to my d├ęcor. I decided to veto the window pane, and went with a mirror that is somewhat sectioned to look like a window pane. I think it will do quite nicely in my space. I also found a few vintage frames (I doubt they are vintage – just painted to appear somewhat so), some fantastic wire baskets, and a few other ditties. I’ll photograph everything this evening and share how the space is coming along. I’m still in hot pursuit of a great quote or saying to put onto the wall. Any ideas?

I spent Saturday evening with some of my girl friends from the North Texas Crop Group (This is NOT the North Texas Scrapper Girls group). Love to be around these women – they’re so creative! It’s fun to just sit and watch each of them create. I find it fascinating to watch others in their creative element doing what they enjoy. We get together at least once a month and it’s always fun.

Sunday brought me a wonderful gift – an allergy migraine. Ahhh… such fun. It eventually went away, but not after the day was almost completely gone.

And that, my friends, is my weekend. For me, it was uber lazy – and I LOVED it!

For those of you in the DFW area (or more specifically in the Keller/Roanoke/Trophy Club/Southlake/Northlake/Westlake area... etc. etc etc) a group of women from church are having a garage/bake sale soley for the benefit of Alexa Aigner. She is a darling two year old girl who was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. She and her parents are now in California, taking part in a phase II clinical study involving MIBG therapy, bone marrow transplant, and spot radiation. The financial impact that treatment has had on her parents is staggering. I'll post more details on the location later this week. Please make a point to stop by - I'm bringing a few items (including my famous Beste Cherry Bread!) and a few other yummies to donate.

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Kristy said...

Still would love to see pics of the space in progress!

And ... how many loaves of that famous bread are you bringing? I get dibs on buying one!