Color me Silver!

Normally, I'd say "Color me Happy" but, the change in saying is perfectly applicable today! I'm going to Silver Bella! I'm super excited! I've thought that Nebraska was a hotspot for creativity for some time (Cari said "I don't know if we are creative, just uber bored and forced to entertain ourselves or watch football!"). Now I get to come enjoy and experience it first hand! Yay!

There are some INCREDIBLE classes lined up, it was so hard to choose. In the end, Steve helped me out. He asked me a few questions, and then made the decision. I wanted to take them ALL - each artist is awesome! But alas, you can only register for 5 classes (I did think about cloning myself though - and then registering twice so that I'd take all 10... wouldn't THAT be nice? LOL).

And, I could be wrong, but something tells me that it'll be cold in Nebraska in November. I might even get to wear a few of the sweaters I love but can't wear in the hot Texas heat! Double Wahooo! I can't remember the last time I got to drink hot chocolate because it was COLD outside!

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Mary said...

oooh, have fun!!!!!!!!