WOW... busy Ohio weekend!

{Photos to come later...}

WOW… what a weekend! It was a lot of fun and full of good times. Not a single calorie was spared - our bodies loved every minute of it but will get us back this week at the gym!

Steve and I traveled out to Ohio so that he could see all of the fun places I’ve talked about over the years. We flew in on Friday, and met up with my friend Daryl and his girlfriend Trish. What a fun couple! After picking up Daryl’s car (thanks, man!) we did a little gallivanting around town before we needed to meet up with my friend Belynda and her family. We stopped by Dorothy Lane Market and gorged ourselves on Killer Brownies. – I had forgotten how incredibly delicious they are. (By the way – they do offer mail order!) I’m going to figure out how to make them myself. I knew someone who worked at DLM and he let a major secret out about how they’re made. With the remembrance of that information, I’m going to give it a few attempts.

We met up with Bel and had a good time reminiscing and enjoying wedding photos. We all went over to Skyline to enjoy a typical Ohio Cincinnati style chili delicacy – and did we ever! I had chili cheese dog, chili cheese fries, AND a 5 way (spaghetti noodles, chili, onions, cheese – dang I can’t remember what the 5th ingredient is). Talk about calorie overload! Afterwards, we drove around down town Dayton and enjoyed seeing the changes that are slowly coming to town. We also had to make a true to Heather style trip to Wal-Mart for socks and a sweatshirt (I’m ALWAYS cold!).

We then went over to our hostess/host’s home of Michelle and Steve Horton. What an incredibly hospitable couple! They were incredibly kind and generous to us even though it was already a crazy busy weekend for them with birthday parties and family in town. They had us sleep in their master bedroom while they slept upstairs with their family. They went above and beyond to see to our comfort. It was completely unnecessary but very much appreciated.

Saturday we spent some time at Malena and Madison Frazer’s birthday party which was held at Pump It Up. Talk about a LOT of fun. Steve enjoyed himself more than I think I’ve seen him do in quite some time. I hope I captured his grin on camera because it was adorable! After the party (and after eating cake and cupcakes --- more calories!) we went to Marions Piazza and completely enjoyed ourselves with pizza and salad. I had the sauerkraut and ham pizza (it’s REALLY good… they rinse and spin the sauerkraut dry so it’s crisp and not vineagery). Steve went with a safe bet of pepperoni and sausage. Marions has the BEST pizza in the Dayton area, and I miss it terribly!

After gorging ourselves, we stopped by Marco’s paper which was my favorite papercraft supply store. I always make sure to stop by their booth when they’re in town at the Grapevine Stamp Show. I spent a small chunk of money, but can’t wait to play with everything in my studio when I get a chance! We later met up with Belynda again and spent some time running around. While we were out, I was fortunate enough to find some “seasoned laver” to enjoy once we get back home. Seasoned laver is dried seaweed that has been roasted with a bit of salt. It sounds gross, but it is incredibly tasty. I love to eat it with a bit of sticky rice. Seriously yum – and GREAT for you.

After all of the running around, we went to Fricker’s for dinner where we met up with a bunch of friends. Daryl and Trish came, and so did Andrea. Rivka and her family, Michelle and her family, and bunches of others too. We (again) gorged ourselves on all kinds of food. Steve and I ordered “frickin’ chicken chunks” in addition to mini corn dogs, fried vegetables, and brew city fries. We definitely enjoyed Daryl and Trish’s nachos too. (See, I told you NO calories were spared!) After dinner we went back to Michelle’s to change clothes (we’re sloppy eaters) so that we could go out and meet up with more friends at the Yellow Rose.

More to come…..

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