Whitest White Girl Ever...

Did you know that I am apparently, the whitest white girl ever? According to my coworkers, it’s true. What designates me as such? I think it’s a variety of things.
  • First, they realized I keep a big calendar on the fridge. It's really just a desk calendar. I don’t think it’s the calendar that gives me such a big title – it’s the information I/we keep on the calendar. For instance, Steve and Kim’s work schedules are on it. (They need to be – Steve’s days off rotate every 4 weeks and Kim’s work schedule changes each week). If I have anything going on it’s on there too. We also list anything special we’re going to do that week as a family (movies, etc). I also keep track/plan our meals on it. Both Steve and Kim cook one night a week, and the remaining 5 are my responsibility. (It’s actually more like 4 because we probably eat out once a week.) If I know what I’m planning to cook for the week, it helps to make grocery shopping a LOT easier. We also sit down as a group (Steve, Kim, & me) to go over the upcoming week each Sunday evening.
  • Second, when I cook, I try to do multi-meal cooking. For instance, last night we had chicken & shrimp fried rice. I made enough of it all to freeze one meal worth of shrimp & chicken fried rice, and three meals of chicken fried rice. One time cooking = 5 meals. I’m a HUGE fan of the Food Saver. (I get the Wal-Mart brand refills though.) I’m used to cooking for my family (parents + 4 kids + whoever was eating with us that night). We almost always have leftovers. Rather than putting them to waste, it became easier and VERY cost effective to just freeze them. Now, I’m not always so rushed to get dinner cooked each of my 4-5 nights – I can just defrost and heat it up!
  • Third, I clip coupons – AND use them on double/triple coupon day. Yes, it’s a lot of work – but the savings can REALLY rack up! (Plus, if I don’t feel like doing the work I know that Wal-Mart matches sales flyer prices. I can shop at the W at 2am; to avoid everyone else’s grumbling at me taking up extra cashier time.)
  • Fourth, we have chore cards and rotate them bi-weekly at home. Why should I be responsible for cleaning the entire house? I’m not the only one who lives there – and I’m not there as much as some people are. So, the chores are broken down into chore cards (idea TOTALLY lifted from Heather White’s blog – who got it from her mother…. LOVE IT). The main rotating chore cards (since there are only three of us living in the house) are:
    1. Kitchen
    2. Living Room
    3. Hot Spots (Hallway, Garbage, Front walkway, Back Porch, Laundry Room, etc)
    Kim is also responsible for her bedroom and for the guest bathroom. Steve and I also rotate our bathroom and bedroom between us. The great thing about the chore cards is that they make cleaning easy (rather, they tell you exactly what you need to do in each room i.e. wipe down the baseboards, clean the mirror with Windex, sweep and wet-mop the floor, vacuum the furniture, etc). One side of the chore card has “Quick Clean” instructions and the other has “Deep Clean” instructions. The Quick Clean has to be done a minimum of twice a week, and the deep clean at least once. Oh yea, the kicker about chore cards? If you don’t get them done, you have to put $25 per room into the “fun fund” that we’re going to use for a family trip or activity.
  • Fifth, I scrapbook. Okay, color me confused or whatever, but last time I checked people from all nationalities, races, genders, sexual persuasions, etc scrapbooked. LOL

I really didn’t know that these things added up to making me the whitest white girl ever. I just figured it was smart planning/shopping/cooking or time management.

Oooh… Charlotte corrected me. “You’re not just the whitest white girl; you’re whiter than the white folks on TV. Even June Cleaver didn’t do all that!”


Anonymous said...

So, I'm reading your funny blog entry today and WHOA...there I am! So funny that I happened to pop in today to find my name there. Hey...I LOVE your idea of cooking 2 meals at once. I wish I had more freezer space. It's almost worth buying a freezer for the garage, just so I can do that!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

ROFLO!L too funny!

Anonymous said...

well, shut my mouth! come over girl and get us organized!!!!!! i LOVE the idea of chore cards; that may be what i work on this weekend.

Anonymous said...

oops, that was me...

Christy O