Glorious Weekends... or is it?

I had such HIGH hopes for this weekend! So many fun and wonderful things were on the agenda:
  1. Fly to Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Visit with most fantastic brother, Robert.
  3. Spoil myself with friend Darren by having hair done into something spectacular.
  4. Go camping with Robert, roommate, and friends.
  5. Buy killer outfit (and a few new things to add to my "work" wardrobe -- new dress code effective 8/1 - dadgummit)
  6. Have all around incredible time chillaxing. (LOVE that word now!)

Unfortunately, due to storms in other parts of our great country, many flights were rerouted and oodles of passengers travel plans were changed. Additionally, the flight I had planned to join was overbooked (by 30 passengers at that), and there were already plenty of stand-by's. The chances of me getting on any flight out to SLC was looking next to absolutely NO way. So, I stayed in Dallas.

But instead of moping around, I accomplished the following:

  1. Had hair cut and colored by Cedric at Elixer (Aveda Concept Salon. I really don't care for Aveda products, but he's a great stylist. If I cant' make it out to Darren, he'll just have to do until I can.). Now I have some naughty girl red pieces in my hair. Quite snazzy I must say.
  2. Had smashingly wonderful pedicure. My toes are now "I'm not a Waitress" red. Gotta love OPI and their fun polish names. Again - the color red. I'm feeeling a naughty streak coming on.
  3. Spoiled myself with an INCREDIBLE massage later in the day at Elixer. It was absolutely DIVINE. I'm already planning another one.
  4. In case you thought I didn't do anything productive (other than spoiling myself - which in my opinion is productive), I went to work and spent quite a few hours there Saturday afternoon.
  5. I spent a few hours in my studio cranking out fun projects.
  6. Hmmm I know I did something else that was productive and beneficial, but it has slipped my mind. Does napping plenty count?
  7. I went to the Heirloom Pro stamp show in Grapevine, TX for a few hours. Not a lot to look at , or be awed by - but there was plenty of unmounted stamps to oogle.

In other news, my darling neice, Ainsley, will be celebrating her first birthday this coming Saturday. If all goes according to plan, I'll be down in south Texas celebrating with her. I am REALLY looking forward to spending a tidge of time with my neices and nephew. They are absolutely adorable - and I need some new photos for projects! :)

Additonally, my studio reorganization plan is going FANTASTICALLY! All of my assignments are done, and it's looking awesome! I'll post photos when I have everything just right.

Hope you're all doing well!


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend you created! I love your blog! You've got a great outlook on life! I hope you get to Utah soon! The flooding and heat was awful this weekend here but next week promises to be much nicer! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

You have had a fun weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that your plans were cancelled due to weather. Next time you plan on coming to SLC, please do let me know. I would love to get together with you while you're here. I didn't know you had a brother out here! Keep me posted...we'll do dinner!