Do you ever feel so completely overwhelmed with everything you do in your life? So overwhelmed that you feel like you’re losing the battle?

I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately. Not that I’m not doing the right thing, but that I’m not doing enough – in my mind that is. There’s just SO much to do, SO much that needs to be taught, SO much that I want to/need to learn. In reality, I’m going 18/7 (gotta count that 5-6 hours of sleep in somewhere), and doing everything I possibly can within that 18+ hours. Most of you, who know me IRL (in real life), know that I’m a go-go-go girl. I don’t sit around doing nothing very often.

I had a thought today, which put my feelings at ease. He (the Lord) doesn’t give me more than I can handle. He knows my trials, He knows my strengths, and He knows where I need to grow. He knows me. He knows my needs, and the yearnings of my heart. If I put the skills and traits He’s given me to use, He’ll help me get the rest done. If I don’t use them, they’ll fall to the wayside (much like the parable of the talents).

A song that I learned years ago while in Young Women's has been running through my head today. The chorus goes something like this:

I am a Princess, a royal Queen royal queen I’ll be.
So, I must choose to find and use my divine qualities.
Daughter of Heaven, a Queen someday I’ll be
An Heir of my Father-in-Heaven for eternity.

He is a King, and as His daughter - I am a Princess. Isn’t that a GREAT thing to know? I really am a Princess.

Now someone bring this Princess some bon-bons and a glass of ice cold diet coke. :) KIDDING….

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