Wow.... 8 Monthiversary....

It's amazing how quickly time flies when you're having fun (and not having fun too). Eight months ago today, my sweet Steven married me. Since that day, I've learned more about negotiating, communication, working together, patience, and kindness, and comprimise than I ever thought I would - and I'm positive I'll learn it even more as we continue our life together.

While reading what another scrapper wrote about her husband, I couldn't help but think about Steve. She wrote (with a few adjustments by me to apply to us) "Remember that good ol' song "Whatta Man" by Salt N' Peppa? That's Steve. "What a mighty good man. Yes he is." Treats me better than royalty. He ultimately wants nothing more than for me and our (eventual)family to be happy and secure. He works hard at work so we can be financially secure. He works hard spiritually so that we can have the Spirit in our home. He works hard at our relationship so that when we have kids, they can see what love is supposed to be like. It sounds really clique but I really have to ask myself what I did right up in the pre-earth life to have the Lord bring us together on Earth."

Steve is incredible. I'm blessed to have him as my husband.

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Owl at Home said...

Just before my wedding someone told me that she felt being married was the most wonderful, beautiful thing ever, and I thought she was being a tad sentimental, but it is SO TRUE! My 7 year anniversary is this coming Monday and I am still so amazed by my DH. I hope you and Steven will have MANY more happy years together!!