The Illusions of David Copperfield

Our friend, Brent, called a few months ago and asked us if we were interested in going to a magic show in May. I, not being into magic tricks, wasn't very interested. Steve, who enjoys his friends, thought it would be fun. So, we agreed to purchase tickets and attend the event with our friend. Needless to say, I wasn't looking forward to watching another community person, doing some cheap-show. (Think, your next door neighbor asking to perform at your BBQ because he's learned his first magic tricks... not appealing)

I didn't know we were going to see David Copperfield. The ticket price SHOULD have given it away - or at least that we were seeing someone who knew what the heck they were doing!

Somewhere along the way, between agreeing to go, and actually paying for the tickets, I figured it out.

Last night the big night came. We went to Fort Worth's Bass Hall. It was much better than I expected. MUCH better than I expected. I'm still not a magic show person, but I really enjoyed myself. I was amazed. I am a SERIOUS analytical thinker. I figure out how and why things happen. (Just like when I go to a craft show and see something cool. I have to figure out HOW it was made so I can do it myself). Of course, there's no way I'm going to figure out how huge honkin' vintage cars appear from underneath a drop cloth - out of nowhere. Or, how a dozen people can dissapear from onstage and reappear in the seats above and behind us. Or, how he (David Copperfield) does any of the illusions he does. Quite amazing.

P.S. He's a lot cuter than I thought too!

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