A bit of summer fun...

I had a bit of creative flow going on Friday night... and this is the result! I must say, I really do like how it turned out. It's a simple tag album created by using a few Avery shipping tags (the kind you can find at WalMart or your local office supply store) and scraps. Yes, that's right ... scraps. The little shreds of paper left over when you finish a project. Normally, if the scrap is smaller than an index card - into the garbage it goes. But, I REALLY love the Magic Scraps textured papers. So, I saved them and a few other pieces that I really liked.

Summer is already here. Actually, summer weather has been here for at least a month. It can be 95 degrees (f) one day, and 60 the next. Much to Steve's dismay, my flip flops have made their annual appearance (after their short winter nap!). My toes are in summer style, and I'm ready to enjoy the sun. That is - of course - until we hit the summer heat nightmares. Thats the "joy" of living in Texas. You don't normally have to worry about snow, or ice storms. But, you do have to worry about dehydration, field fires, burn bans, and constant 100+ temperatures!

Bring on the sun (and sunscreen too)!

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