Bookclubs and Me...

In case you didn't already know, I {LOVE} to read books. My family can attest to my reading addiction. Whenever I'm uber stressed, there's no better way for me to just relax than to sit with a book (or cozy into the couch) and just read. (I'm sure a deep tissue massage followed by an intensely glorious head massage would also work - but let's face it, books are a LOT cheaper - and easier to get an appointment for.) :) It isn't too far of a stretch of imagination for me to waste an entire day away by reading (that is, if I'm not interrupted, or bothered too much by those I love). Of course my house is absolutely perfectly clean and tidy and a six course incredibly tasty dinner is always ready to be served when I take part in this cheap luxury. I'm not just a book reader though. Magazines, blogs, and other paraphenlia are equally as enjoyable. Why is it, that I haven't thought of joining a bookclub until now?

Last night I went to my first "Not Your Ordinary Book Club" (NYOBC) meeting. I LOOOVED it! I don't know why I haven't hopped onto this train before. Maybe it was because I really didn't know anything about it, or what it was about. I've thought about joining for quite a while, and when I realized that I could use some of the product credit I gained from the Scrapbook Warehouse garage sale (major budgeting bonus) - I thought I'd give it a shot.

For those of you who are not familiar with the NYOBC concept (I totally wasn't), it's pretty standard. Here's the low down...

NYOBC is the brainchild of Pinecone Press. As a result, the book that is reviewed each month is published by Pinecone Press. With your "subscription" (it's $60 for 6 months - personally, it's an awesome deal) you recieve a package of goodies. The package of goodies is full of the supplies needed to create one of the projects (I think it's generally a layout) seen in the book. Also available (for a small fee - generally around $10) is a second companion kit full of goodies to inspire you to create at least one additional project along the theme of that month's book.

Sometime during the month (generally at your monthly meeting) you pick up the following months one "free" kit and purchase the book (and perhaps the companion kit) for the following month. Inside your book (or maybe it's inside your kit) is a page of things to think about and pay special notice to within the book. There are questions which prompt you to ponder ways to apply the projects and ideas to your own personal work - and to help you recreate (or inspire) you to actually do it. So, as you read the book for the month, you dream up, and create a fantastic project (or maybe not so fantastic - but it's YOURS... so you love it anyway) using whatever inspired you in your kit (or kits).

At each meeting, the points are discussed as a group. Whomever wants to share their thoughts is encouraged to do so. Those who just want to listen, can do that also. Sometimes, projects are shared during the discussion time. They are also shared after the discussion. It's a free flowing kind of thing. You're supposed to bring your fantastic project, and share it with the group - or not... if you didn't do it or if you just didn't feel like sharing it. Whatever floats your boat.

So, that's the bookclub in a cute, fun and definitely sparkling, nutshell.

This months book was "{Self} Centered" co-written by Jennifer Lynn Moody and Pamela Lambie, and published by Pinecone Press. Both Jennifer and Pamela joined us for the discussion. Being a NYOBC virgin, I was a bit nervous about attending. However, the group welcomed me in and I feel like they've embraced me as part of their group.

As part of the program last night, Pamela and Jennifer taught us how to creat a really cute and creative layout - and we completed it there. (I'd share mine, but alas... I need a good fun photo of me. Note to self... get into self photographing.)

A fun part of the night (and it carried on ALL through the evening) was that one of the book club members, cute Terri, mentioned that she reads my blog regularly (SUPER huge compliment to me -- I'm a serious rambler...). She mentioned that she shrieked with joy when she found the photo of the positive pregnancy test I posted the beginning of this month. Then she shared her... dismay (was it dismay or disapointment) when she scrolled down a few inches to see that it was a joke - and that my friend Emily was the pregnant one - not me (gotta love April Fool's jokes!! I seriously think this was one of the best ones I've EVER pulled off!!!). Anyway, during the rest of the night, ladies were congratulating me and passing on other well wished. They didn't catch the "it's a joke" part. It was fun to relish in the joke again. I really enjoyed myself last night - and it was fun to get to know more women who love scrapbooking.


Anonymous said...

My name is Cheryl Kanenwisher and I work for one mind. Email me...I'd like to see if you are interested in doing some stuff for us!

Anonymous said...

wow- that sounds like SO much fun! Totally! Pinecone Press has such great stuff.