Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes

In case you don't recognize today's blog title, it's from the musical (now turned motion picture) Rent. I've been wanting to watch it for some time, and since I knew I needed to hole myself in my studio for a plethora of hours, I decided to rent it (and a few other fun chick flicks). I've posted in the past about how much I've wanted to see the movie, but avoided the theater. Reasoning? I LOVE to sing. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. I knew that I'd start singing in the theater and I didn't want to ruin the flick for anyone else. So, I've been waiting for it to be released onto DVD. Which happened weeks ago, but time got away from me. Anyway.... I digress.

After watching the movie (three times I might add - and after watching every bonus feature at LEAST twice) I started thinking about the changes/experiences I've had over the last year. You can read the lyrics that really spawned the thought here.

So, during the course of the last five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes I've (in no particular order including order of occurance):
  • I was promoted.
  • I fell in love.
  • I continued changing my lifestyle to a healthier better one.
  • I moved to Roanoke, Texas.
  • I got engaged.
  • I planned my entire wedding (although small in compared to society's standards).
  • Instead of traveling the world, I traveled in the US to New Mexico, Utah, and California.
  • I got married.
  • I started designing (both freelance and contract) for 5 new companies/manufacturers.
  • I was laid off from afore mentioned promotion.
  • I lost a whole lot of weight.
  • I qualified to attend CHA as a designer - and went.
  • I was able to add a new niece and nephew to my throng of awesome family members.
  • Steve added a whole new side of awesome family members to my life.
  • My biological mother and her mother came to visit (for the wedding!).
  • I made new friends, and maintained a few old friendships.
  • We managed to get one room painted in the house!

There really is a whole lot more that happened over the last year. These are the things that immediately stick into my head though.

Lots of good things going on for me right now. I've had a slew of interviews, and have two more scheduled for today, with the company I want to work with.

I'm finishing up preparations for the Lewisville Scrapbook Warehouse garage sale this weekend. I've reserved two sections (so it's supposed to be 4 tables), and will be clearing out a LOT of stuff from my scrapbook studio. In addition to a 2/$1 basket that is overflowing, I have baskets full of items priced at $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, and another priced for above $5 (mostly large items like albums). I have baskets with sorted rubber stamps, patterned papers, pre-packaged page kits and card making kits. I also have oodles of organizational items like Making Memories Sortables, crop gear, paper organizers, and a large ribbon organizer. I really hope the sale goes well, I'd rather not bring most of this stuff home with me! The point is to get it OUT of my studio!

I'm also getting ready to list a LOT of Rusty Pickle stuff onto eBay (tshirts, albums, embellishments, stickers, papers, page kits, class kits) - basically anything RP I have - is getting sold. I'm also going to be ebaying my collection of Club Scrap papers and stamps. That is, if I don't decide to sell the club scrap stuff at the garage sale!

Although I may be currently unemployed, I am UBER busy with getting things cleared out here at home!


Anonymous said...

hello fellow 525,600 minutes fan! love yor post today.

Anonymous said...

When we saw Rent in the theatre, my Heather kept hitting and shushing me as I was singing along with all the songs (La Vie Boheme is my absolute fav...LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!)