Oh the fun....

My scanner died. I'm not sure what happened to it, but suddenly it wouldn't recognize that it was indeed unlocked, and that it was really, really okay to scan. So, Steve being the fabu guy he is, gave me a budget and sent me out to find a new scanner (and some new clothes - but that's another story).

I went to 5 different stores looking for the HP4070. I had heard from other scrappers (especially those who submit) that it was a great scanner and that they all loved it. The problem is, however, that no one carries the HP4070 anymore. It's been upgraded and replaced. So, I did some other searching and kept coming back to the Epson Perfection 3590 Photo scanner. Being relatively new to the digital photo age (only over the last 3 or so years), I have OODLES of photo negatives. This scanner actually has an automatic negative scanner - I was totally SOLD on it! Brought it home yesterday, and didn't hook it up until this morning - I'm a morning person, did I forget to share that horrible fact? (I have more energy when I first wake up - well over the first few hours anyway - than at any other time of the day. It's a sickness!).

I had a few projects I HAD to get scanned in so that they could be submitted - but I've been playing ever since! So far, the photos have been from my college years mostly. It's been SUCH fun to look back at them! I had to crop a few "liberties" out - but here are a few fun laughs! I've been cracking up all morning remembering the silly stuff we did over those years. Man, I had GREAT hair back then! WHAT HAPPENED??

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