Have you ever met someone who has touched your life for the better? Someone who everytime you see them, you smile? Someone who everytime you listen to , or read something they've written, you feel uplifted, inspired or encouraged to be a better person overall? Someone who you just adore, absolutely enjoy, and admire with your whole being? I have. Her name is Krista.

I met Krista over 3 years ago, online. I was living in Ohio and was facing some really major life changes and serious decisions. Krista and her husband, Jared, created an absolutely incredible online group called 2ofus4now. It involves a website and a Yahoo!Group. The group is centered on LDS beliefs, but is open and available to anyone. It began as a place for childless couples to go for support when struggling with infertility, adoption plans, being childless - anything related to wanting to expand your family but facing the various struggles that impede the end result. It's been a place for couples to discuss the various issues (and costs) of adopting, a place for women to discuss infertility treatments, medicines, and other assorted topics. It's also been a place for couples, who have decided to not pursue various avenues of obtaining/having children. It is a place for potential birthparents to go and read about the various struggles couples face, recieve the support they need, and find the courage to made the heartbreaking decision (whether it is to place or keep) that adoption includes. It's was a place where I could publically discuss my questions and struggles with adoption - and recieve honest and heartfelt answers from Krista and other members. Each post Krista shares with the group has been insightful, educational, positive, uplifting, and amazing. In fact, I've saved many of her posts to refer to later when I'm strugging through various challenges.

Krista lives here in the DFW Metroplex, so it was natural that we would eventually meet. Less than a month of me moving to Texas, we did. She is an incredible woman. She has SO many of the skills I crave and admire. I've never left her presence without feeling great. She is incredibly uplifting - and lives in the real world. We've talked about real topics - not just sweet and easy topics. Krista is simply amazing - there's no other word to describe her. Amazing is it.

About 2 months ago, Krista began not feeling well and was shortly diagnosed with a tumor which turned out to be a very deadly form of brain cancer. One of the deadliest forms actually. She began a blog to share her cancer experience. Once again, she decided to share her personal, and life changing, struggle with the world. She does it with humor, and reality. She shares it like she see's it, and doesn't candy coat how she is feeling. I absolutely LOVE her communication style. As I know the influence the 2ofus4now group has had - I believe this blog will reach farther and can quite possibly touch more lives. I read her blog everyday and although I have never struggled with brain cancer, when I leave her blog - I feel like I've gained something to make me a better person. She shares her fears, her thoughts, her struggles, her incredible knowledge, her amazing spirit, and a huge part of her life.

I have begun praying with a pleading heart that Heavenly Father will not take her from this life. Among the many reasons for my pleadings (though most of them are very selfish), she has a beautiful son, and a georgous daughter who both joined her family through adoption. Her husband is THE love of her life. I don't know many people who can actually refer to their spouse as THE love of thier life - do you? It isn't just that she says he is - she shows how he is. As a newlywed, it's been so awesome for me to read about her love for Jared. Adjusting is hard, but reading her posts lift me up.

I thought I'd share her blog address with you. Perhaps you need to be lifted up too. She is seriously one of the most amazing people I've ever met. I am daily in awe of her writing skills. Listening to her speak (obviously in real life) is an equally amazing experience. If any of her books get published, I will be the very first in line to purchase them - and will also buy them for friends. She has made that big of an influence in my life.

Krista, you have made me a better person and for that I am eternally indebted.

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