Project Organization: Back in Action

Do you remember the great plans I had to organize my new studio? I did get finally get my previous studio in awesome organizational bliss (photo on right) - but haven't accomplished that amazing task in my new space. No, my plans haven't completely fallen by the wayside. And I have made a few great strides in unpacking (but, uh... no where near close enough!!). I've realized that the mass of items/products/toys I have by far exceeds the logical size of my studio. I'm working on eliminating some of my stash. Some of it will go into the fantabulous box that Miz Jonna won here. Some of it will end up on eBay (I have to recover some of the money I've squandered!!). Some of it will probably land somewhere in Thrift Store land (really, it's stuff you really don't want!).

I found an awesome find for my ink pad storage. As most of you know, I was a stamper long before I became a scrapbooker. I have more inkpads than I should - but I love and use them all. I've been storing my inkpads using an old CD crate (See photo on the left). It fit all of the original Stampin' Up pads, and most of the Ranger square ink pads - in addition to a lot of Tsukineko StazOn pads. But, as with everything else I had to have more inkpads. I outgrew my crate, and a matching smaller crate, and a cassette crate. I have a couple Sterilite drawer containers that house most of my little pads too. (See photo on right.) They've both worked just great for me over the years, but the crate system has overgrown it's container.

I've been searching the internet for some time for creative storage ideas for stamp pads. I want them stored closer to my workspace, so that I'll use them more. I've been watching an item on eBay for a few weeks, an in a monent of weakness bid on what I think will be a GREAT addition to my Project Organization goals, and to my studio decor. Actually I bid on two different items - and I won them both. I'm going to paint them both black (to match the "style" of my studio... and hide any crap I get onto them). I haven't decided if they'll sit on my workspace, or if they'll hang on the wall just above my workspace. They are both the same height so they'll be right next to each other. The seller's store on eBay is CraftSolutions. They really have a lot of great products that could be used to organize one's crafting supplies. I think I originally found this seller when I was looking for a solution to my ribbon stash (love my new system - photos coming soon!)

Off to dream up and complete other organizational pursuits!

Creatively Yours,

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Heather said...

Oooohhhhh... I am so drooling over this! Can't wait to see your finished space!