Ribbon, Ribbon, Why do I have so much Ribbon?

I'll admit it. I have a ribbon problem. I know, those of you who know me are truly shocked. I didn't realize the extent of my problem until I started to try and reorganize & unpack. I have a dresser drawer with 5 dowels loaded with ribbon (It's photographed on the left - and the drawer is going to be making an appearance on eBay soon!), I have 3 or 4 big, huge 13"x13" ziplock bags jam packed with ribbon. I have at least two check boxes (the big container store ones) loaded with ribbon (at least they're wrapped around cards and organized, right?). I have two big baskets loaded with ribbon. I have three mason jars full of ribbon. I think I even have an old candle holder full of ribbon scraps. On top of all of that, I think I probably have 25 - 30 brand new spools of ribbon too. Of course, this doesn't even take my prized Maya Road ribbon into consideration. This is a PROBLEM! I have way too much ribbon! I'll never use it all, and I have NO clue how I can possibly organize it all.

How do you manage to organize your ribbon? Are you a papercrafter, and do you use it on your projects? I do! I love it, and I use it on OODLES of projects - and I used to put it in my hair. I do love that I almost always have the perfect ribbon to wrap around a gift - it makes a lovely presentation!

I did a google search on ribbon organization and found a few fun ideas, but none that could even begin to rein in my hoard. The second photos on the left is how I think I'm going to try to go. I bought 400 clear tiny baggies at Walmart this weekend, but I've already gone through them. This is a VERY sad thing. I'm going to have to get rid of some of my prized stash!

Seriously though, please share your ribbon organization secrets. I really do need your help!

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