Happy Adoption Day!

Yes, that's right! Today is National Adoption Day (in the US anyway). What an awesome day! A day set aside to celebrate the fantastic nature and possiblities of adoption. Today, in thousands of counties, countless finalizations will occur - in celebration of this great day.

In case you didn't know - I'm adopted. Yep, I look just like my parents - but I'm adopted. 30+ years ago, a wonderful woman sacrificed her own wants and put my needs above her own. She placed me for adoption with a military couple (she specifically wanted them to be military), and because of them - I am who I am today. Adoption has blessed my life in more than one way - and I am grateful for it.

A few interesting facts that you might not know:
  • 85% of women who make the decision to place their child for adoption don't. It's not because they don't realize it's the best thing for their child - it's because of their parents. The "you are not giving away my grandbaby" comments and feelings are what stops the majority of adoption placements from happening.
  • 95% of women who have support from their immediate family and friend, and have made the decision to place their child for adoption, actually follow through with it.
  • 93% of birthmothers think about the child they placed on a regular basis - if not daily. No, most women don't give up their children because they are selfish - they do it because they want more for their child.
  • 40% of birthfathers may not maintain or initiate any contact, but are interested in recieving updates on their childs development and life.
  • If you know a birthmother, she is one in a million. Actually one in ten-thousand. One child in every ten-thousand born in the United States, is placed for adoption.

I could share oodles of positive experiences from my own life about adoption. It has truly been the greatest blessing of my life. Perhaps someday, Steve and I will adopt a child of our own - and then I'll be able to share stories from the other side of the triad.


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