Happy Halloween!

Ahhh Halloween has always been such a fun holiday! What other day can you get away with wearing a crazy outfit and eating as many sweets as your heart desires? It's a good thing I don't eat sweets anymore (well except for a few indiscressions here and there), but it's fun to know I can though!

Today, I'm in Halloween garb at work. I went ALL out and came in as a .... Hockey Fan. How lame is that? My jersey DROWNS me now, and my thinning hair is in pony tails. I brought a hat and gloves to add to my costume, but it's too hot in my office to wear them inside. I made ice cream cone cupcakes for my co-workers, and we're having a load of fun. One of the other analysts came in dressed as Darth Vader. Talk about AWESOME costume! It must have cost a fortune! It's REALLY awesome though!

Tonight, I'm making Karen Carpenters infamous Garlic Chicken in our new crock pot. It's going to be the first dish I've made in our crock pot. Can't wait to add my reviews to the rave reviews I've read so far!

The unpacking of my studio is coming along. We finally got everything out of the old studio and into either the new studio or garage. I can't beleive how much stuff I have. I am going to do a SERIOUS clean sweep and then hook up on the eBay bandwagon. I'm an altered art addict, but I have SO much altered stuff - it's gotten out of control! I can't wait to sit down and start creating in my new space! It's going to be fantastic! AND to add to my excitement - I'm going to have a DV-R in my studio! I can't wait to be able to create and catch up on my shows at the same time! It's going to be GRRRREAT!

I don't remember the final count of all the boxes from my studio. The items that have been unpacked are staying in their boxes, so I will run around tonight and get the final count for ya'll! This out to be a fun contest! I really don't know how many there are! I know there are a LOT though! :)

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