We're Engaged!!!

Yep! You read right! We're officially engaged!!

So, Steve didn't take me out of town. I talked to him on Friday and told him how I was feeling bad for going out and having fun this weekend in Utah (or whereever he was going to take me), when there is so much going on with natural disasters in our country right now. He sympathized with me, and reminded me that the planes were going to fly whether they were full or not - so it really didn't matter if we went. Gas prices are the same all over the country at the moment, so that wasn't going to be an issue either..

We stayed in town and painted my soon-to-be studio. He had a few different plans/ideas for proposing to me, but with everything happening, he decided to alter his original proposal plan (to totally prepare a studio for me - furniture and ALL - as a suprise) because he knew he needed my imput. So, last night, (after Tom and Liz left - I'll tell you about them later) he and I were in the newly painted room. He said, you know, this room is kind of like life and relationships. You put time and effort into them to get them looking nice. You maintan it so that it keeps that way. I agreed with him. He asked me, with a cute smile on his face, if this was "my room" and did I think that this room was "mine". I answered with, "it could be" and "yes" and "maybe". He said that I had made him a better person, and that I was one of the greatest things that had happened to him. Then, he turned me around, got down one knee, (and I start getting wow'd... were the paint fumes going to my brain?? Was I hallucinatng?? Then, I realize...he's going to ask me...... he's really going to do it!!) and he asked me if I was his princess, and would I always be his princess. To which, of course, I responded with yes!!! He told me he loved me and asked me to marry him.

There you have it. It's official. We're engaged. We don't have a date set yet. But, it could be really quick (like 8 weeks) or 7 months. We're in "discussion" about it.

It's turns out that it's a good thing we didn't go out of town. So, after work Friday, I pop over to Steve's house. Tom (Steve's brother) is over, and they're deep in discussion. A friend of Tom's (Liz) is a nurse and was living in New Orleans, and her company (UHC) was evacuating them to Dallas. Their hospital was flooded, and everything destroyed. So, we're looking at logistics to get her what she is going to need when she gets here (all she was able bring/pack was her scrubs, a pair of pajamas, and some basic toiletry items), where she's going to stay, etc. etc. If we had gone out of town, we wouldn't have been here to help Tom and Liz. I'm glad we stayed.


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