Ahhhhhh.... Oatmeal! It's good for your heart. The more you eat... the more you......

So, day 2 of oatmeal eating is here. Not bad. Not bad at all. I grabbed (theived) a couple packages of Christa's Maple and Brown Sugar instant oatmeal. Intensely dislike Maple flavor. Otherwise though, oatmeal is a great breakfast. Quick, fast, and tasty too. AND it sticks to you so you're not hungry for hours. LOVE that.

Went and did my workout during lunch today. Awfully handy to have a gym here. So handy in fact that I'm thinking about cancelling my gym membership at 24hour Fitness. I have Power Yoga here twice a week, and the option for regular yoga 2 additional days. I can totally get my cardio in during 3 days, do Yoga and then treadmill the other 2.

What else is going on ... hmmm.... working on Valentine themed stuff for a show this weekend. However, I am going to do NO crafty stuff this weekend. I'm putting it all on hiatus. Which is cool with me. I've been cranking out projects for about a month for the Spring CHA show (which is this weekend).

I'm getting ready for CKU-A. For those of you who don't know what that is (could there be such a thing?) it is a convention run by Creating Keepsakes magazine. This particular convention is called Creating Keepsakes University - Album. The plan is to create a complete album in one weekend. Yes, a COMPLETE album, in just ONE weekend. This will be the first convention I've attended as a student in ... forever. I can't remember if I've ever attended a convention as a student and not a volunteer, instructor, or aid. I'm looking forward to it!Oh what fun.

Back to work I go...

Yoga. Is it for wimps?

So, today I had my Power Yoga class. It's probably the only class that I can excel at with any athletic ease. Ahh the blessings of being one of those rubber band flexible folks. Anyway, during our 'cool down' (I guess you CAN get worked up during yoga... it just hasn't happened to me) exercises, I slipped. Yes, I slipped. Princess Grace at her absolute best. I think I pulled something, but because I was "cooling down", it'll be okay - but dang... I HURT!

What else is happening? Hmmmm I have a few projects I need to finish up tonight. A magazine called and wants 4 projects - by TOMMORROW. How kind. Don't get me wrong, I love the opportunity and the chance to keep my name published, but a little notice would be REALLY nice.

Off I go....

Something Old... Something New

There are many foods that I've never tried - and that I've never felt inclined to try. Oatmeal is one of those things. It looks icky. It smells icky, and people complain about it ALL the time. Why try it?? No inclination!

Well, today Christa put a package of instant oatmeal into my lunch sack and told me to "just try it!". So, I did. Not so bad! I'm not sure if it will be a regular addition to my grocery list, but it's not bad!I learned something cool today.

Maryn and Jacci brought some Aging Dust back from San Antonio for me. It is REALLY cool! But, of course - being the inquisitive person I am, I had to find out more about it. Turns out, Aging Dust is just plain, old Citric Acid! Fancy that! I can get that at the natural foods shop! Snazzy, eh?

My hormones have calmed back down (damn PMS) and life is back to normal. What is normal exactly? My normal isn't the same as someone elses normal. Hmmm... Okay, so my life is back to normal for me.

The ever inquisitive...

Welcome Welcome!

Since my old site went down (if you guys would stop crashing it - I would appreciate it!) and I lost EVERYTHING I'm starting over with www.livejournal.com. Please bookmark this site as the new place to go to get updates on me and whats happenin' in my life.

Well, here we are! Just where are we? Well, I suppose you're visiting my blog. Which means of course that you're wondering what the heck is going on with me. Well, I've been REALLY busy! But, I can't tell what the heck I've been doing. I'll have to ponder upon the possibilities for a moment...Of course, I've been working. For those of you who don't know, I am currently employed as a Quality Analyst for a Mortgage Company. I work in our Correspondent Division (the kind of group that your mortgage is sold to over the life of your loan) researching loan document errors and loan file issues. I "get" to report the errors and exceptions to management (in addition to creating multiple reports for employee counseling) while attempting to get the error fixed. I know - doesn't it sound terribly exciting???

Lets see in addition to that, I've been designing for a few scrapbooking companies - Rusty Pickle, Heid Grace Designs, and Maya Road. I've been invited to join a few other teams (haven't accepted or declined), and I recently ended my term on the www.CroppinParadise.com Design Team. I have really grown to love working with different companies, and I feel honored to have been chosen to work with them. I've been lucky enough to be published in a few different paper crafting magazines, and I get the opportunity to travel to Paper Crafting conventions during the year to share my hobby.

Most of my time is taken up by the two of those, but there is still more happening in my life! In addition to working on me (Don't forget 2005 is the Year of ME!), going to the gym, LOVING my Power Yoga classes, and spending time with my housemate - Christa; I do have a special friend "S", and I'm having a great time with him. "S" is a good guy, you can all stop stressing. I know what silly questions you have to ask, and rest assured it's all good.

Thats all for tonight. I'll post again soon!

All my love,