What's Cookin'

I have got to get back on target with blogging!

'Cause at the moment... saying I sucketh isn't even the tip of the iceberg!

I'm going to do this.

Really I am!

I have several half written blog posts about my new garden (already eating parts of it!!), our playroom decor/redesign, recipe makeovers (into healthier choices), my soldered house class in Oklahoma, my canning adventures, the most recent A Gilded Life event, and several different crafting projects!

In any respect, here's my menu plan for what's left of this week:
  • Tuesday: Veggie laden pasta salad with grilled chicken and garlic bread
  • Wednesday: Grilled mozzarella cheese, tomato, arugula, and pesto sandwiches on ciabatta buns (and leftover pasta salad) - MY FAVORITE!
  • Thursday: Meatloaf (freezer) & mashed potatoes with oven roasted cauliflower
  • Friday: Grilled fish and veggies with brown rice
  • Saturday: Oven fried chicken and roasted new potatoes
  • Sunday: Peanut butter pesto & chicken pizza (It's a Steve creation... sounds gross but is SO good!)
  • Dessert: Upside Down Pineapple cake
  • New Recipe: Pineapple Pretzel Salad (sounds interesting...)
  • Breakfast Choices: Plain Greek yogurt (seasoned with agave and a bit of mexican vanilla), homemade granola, toast, eggs, fruit, or starve. 
  • Lunch Choices: Tacos, quesadillas, taquitos (clearly I enjoy Mexican food, and it is EASY), pb&j, ramen (which I love with broccoli), or a hotdog (for the boy).
 That's all I got folks! What'cha think about that?

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