What's Cookin'? January 2010

I intend to have our family menu plan ready to share on the first of each month. Today's the 2nd, so that's not too bad, right?  I'm trying to learn how to imbed hyperlinks into graphics so that you can click on a date and see the recipe I'm using for that meal (if it's available online).

Yes, I try to plan my menu's a month at a time. It's easier for me, and when I was working it was the only way I could get everything done. I try to do the bulk of my shopping at once (all non-perishable and frozen items) and then shop every other week for perishable items.

Without any futher adu, here is this month's menu!

Here's how I figure out what we're having each month...

I have 14 slips of paper with food categories on them (Mexican, Soup, Italian, New, etc).

I also have a spreadsheet (compiled from several years of menu plans) that lists our favorite meals and what we've had that worked out well for us. Each of those meals have been categorized into the types mentioned above.  The category of "New" is either a recipe I've been given, or one that we've found and would like to try.

I draw a piece of paper, pick something from the category and write it in for the day. That piece of paper gets set aside until all 14 have been used. Then, they all go back into the bowl to re-select for the next 14 days, and so forth.

Next month, I'll share how I handle doing the grocery shopping for everything and how I keep it all straight.

What are your favorite meals to fix for your family, or to have?

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