Clean Slates and Fresh Canvas'

There's just something about a new year, and a clean slate that makes me feel good. Granted, a clean slate doesn't erase the actions from the previous year, but knowing that the future is currently clean with the canvas ready to be worked on gives me hope. (You'd think that I'd see each day the same way. Hmmm... something to think about!)

With the new year, and aside from the enormous challenge I'm undertaking this year, I've also set a few other creative goals for 2011.
  • I want to push myself to create something at least once a week. I'd love to create something every day, and I may be able to do that on a small scale (in a tag, card, or other small item), but I have other priorities. So, if I can do something at least once a week, I'll be happy.
  • I would like to introduce a series of online soldering classes. I've been working on the functionality and feasibility for a while. I think I may have finally found an answer to the limitations I was encountering.
  • As hard as this is going to be, I am going to limit the number of art events/retreats I attend and classes I take. Now that I'm a SAHM, it's even harder to find the time, finances, and care for my little man. I will be balancing our family schedule now more than ever. I'm already mentally starting to feel the loss of missing out on the fun! But, I know it's for the best.
  • I want to do better about sharing our bi-monthly/monthly menu plans and sharing the recipe's for them. I have plans on how I'd like to utilize the page features here within Blogger, to make it much easier for you to navigate. So many of you have asked questions about how I make it work for my family, and how my system flows. I'd like to make sure I share what I do. 
  • This year, I want to participate along with and support my creative friends in their blog challenges. One of the challenges I am planning to participate in is Jemellia's Style Stitches. Are you?
Another thing I am excited about in 2011 is an online course taught by Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club. It's called Soul Restoration and starts on January 11. Several of my art friends and I are in a small group together. The plan is to support and encourage each other through the course, but enjoy each others company most of all! (Are you taking Soul Restoration? If you're local, we'd love to have you join our group!)

Finally, the next thing I'm excited about in 2011 is a club that my friends over at A Gilded Life have put together called "Gilded Girl Stash Society".   From what I've seen, it is going to be an amazing, over the top club that is in true Gilded Girl fashion.

What are you looking forward to and what are your creative goals for 2011?

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