Silver Bella 2010 Classes Posted! My Schedule Planner Too!

If you're anything like me, you've already found that Teresa has posted the class offerings for this years, 5th Annual, Silver Bella. And... if you know me (and of course you do, or why would you be here? Oh Google Search - THAT's why!), I am a classic 'Type A' personality and am ridiculously organized about some facets of my life (it's a real shame that I'm not this organized at home!).

I created a Microsoft Excel document with the daily class schedules with the various class offerings in those windows. Yes, mine is color coded. Are you surprised? Really? I thought not.

I thought I'd share my anal retentively organized table with you, just in case you would like to be as {intendedly} prepared as I am for registration. It's only 4 days away you know!

From one Bella to another.... enjoy!
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