Review: Welcome ALDI's to North Texas!

Most of you have heard me talk about a store that I loved in both Germany and Ohio called ALDI. Before now, the closest store to us here in North Texas was in Oklahoma - not exactly conducive to a regular grocery shopping trip (at least not for me). About two years ago, it was announced that ALDI would be moving into North Texas, and I began searching the internet, local news, and the ALDI corporate site for more information. Finally, this past week, our local ALDI store and several other locations opened.

And the heavens opened, with choirs of angels singing.

Seriously. I am SO not kidding.

I have a serious LOVE of ALDI, and oh how I have missed our relationship. It's been a long 9 years (9 years!!! Can you believe it? WOW!). ALDI is a grocery chain that started in Germany, and has branched out internationally, including here in the USA. They're a cost conscious company with many environmental and cost saving ideas built right into their business model. From having to deposit a quarter to use a grocery cart (don't worry! You get it back when you return the cart!), to having the customer bag their own purchases, all the way down to requiring the customer to bring their own bags for their purchases - ALDI did cost savings before the economy required it, and before it was cool to be green.

Friday night, Steve and I went to our local ALDI (Keller, TX) to check it out and do some shopping. (I know, you're jealous of how romantical we are, aren't you?) We managed to spend just over $100, but we stocked up on several pantry items that we use regularly.

After leaving, I wondered just how much of a price difference there was. Don't get me wrong, I knew looking at the prices that they were significantly less, but wasn't sure just how much less. So, I took the time to revisit my store comparison table, and updated it with ALDI's prices. The table below only compares ALDI with Wal-mart. My previous table included Target, Albertsons, a
nd Kroger but sadly it is too out of date to use for now. I will revisit their costs later and report back my findings.

Just so you're not caught surprised, ALDI carries only 1,400 or so of the most frequently purchased grocery and household items, of which nearly all are ALDI select brands. In short, you can't use it for everything (well, I guess you could really). Every price in my comparison below is of the ALDI and Walmart brand and of the same size.

ALDI Prices versus Wal-Mart Prices
* indicates that Walmart did not have a store brand of the item, so the name brand price was used.

In short, I will be doing quite a bit of my shopping at ALDI - and I couldn't be MORE excited to see the difference in my budget.

P.S. Yes, you should bring your own bags. However, I highly suggest you purchase the large bags they have for sale. They are $1.99 each, and I was incredibly shocked at how amazing they worked for my canned items. And, if you know me, you KNOW i know how to pack a bag or a box. Their bags are made to work!

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